2 things I have learned about myself since living here..I am an extremist and I am a narcissist

Ok so clearly I have always known or semi known I like to do things…. and then at times I like to do radical things….so ever since I decided to go 100% natural I have been doing A LOT of reasearch. Im like that once I have made a decision to do something. So— once I took the braids out, YES they ran their course (2 and half months was all I could take) I was not feeling the state my hair. I realized I had suffered something called “heat damage” and it is common when us black girls wanna get that straight as a bone hair with these heating tools we use…anyways my heat damaged hair dated back from when my hair stylist extraordinaire cut my hair (I love Jason!!! he is still the shyt in my book…. but he can no longer do my hair 😦 my hottest hair cuts were from him…check out my about me page that was when the damage occurred) anyways all the new growth I had received while my hair was in the braids was the only thing natural about me…. so I went to school Monday with the hair you saw from the last post but at night something marvelous happened….I took control of my hair and grabbed a pair of scissors and starting going at it—snip snip snip….oooooohhhh this is fun and I just loved what was happening…..since being out here I have learned to let go and just move on to the next. My motto is:  the sooner the better!!!!! After and hour and a half I had on my head what is called a TWA in the natural hair community (teeny weeny afro) I didn’t like it at first and then after I washed and conditioned it I was like ok ok I can grow to love this look….I don’t have hair to hide behind…its bold… its natural…it’s jus plain me no frills no gimmicks. 

I cut my hair in February but I just been having too much fun to update y’all about it.. my bad…..I had lunch with jane a couple weeks and wouldn’t you belive she cut her hair off as well (are we twins or something???? It was not planned nor did either of us mention going scissors happy on our heads….something about Korea) but it was her that made me realize I was a narcissist!!!! Normally I would debate someone making judgment calls about me but she made very valid points and when you use examples from sex in the city–especially Carrie who I believe to be who I mirror— I have no choice but to submit. Those that know me, know I can argue until I turn blue in the face— but I believe sex and the city is like the holy grail of love, life, and career minus Mr. Big I’ve had 2 Mr. bigs in my life and frankly I dont have the patience for that kinda B.S. anymore… It was with ease I just said “OMG Jane your right i’m a narcissist!!! All this time people said I over analyzed things but this word describes me better than that” she laughed at me and was like dont worry i’m the same way!!!! 

anyways heres the hair ahhaahahahahahah….its gone!!!! 

The night before


 ME...I did it 

There it goes...in the garbage can where it belongs


after my shower and wash...me likey!!


At work the next day...look at my fuzzies hahahahah. No one noticed my hair WTF!?! I was so nervous about debuting it and NO one NOTICED!!!


So since the cut my hair is trained no more fuzzies… and I have been experimenting and trying new(only 2 let me stop lying) styles….what I love???? I get to put bows in my hair like i’m 4 again….I love bows, and clips, and ties and things, I can do it without trying to figure out how to make it work in my relaxed hair(always worried about breakage)….next post you will see I be feelin myself tooo hard… but mainly because its like I’m looking at the real me for the first time. And it couldn’t better timing because my attitude can match my life, and my look…..for those that don’t like it— its ok by me because its for me not anyone else….I spent so much time in California worrying about everyone else’s thoughts and opinions(one of my friends always used to tell to stop but now I can honestly feel what she was talking about)  

BTW— Yes I cut my hair myself, and yes there were spots I cut way too low…. but it was all too fun to let someone else take my crown and glory, it was something I needed to do to empower myself and keep me grounded in my decision…plus i’m in Korea so the nearest black person to cut my hair is an hour and sum change away hell naw!!! 

can you spot the semi- bald spot? hahahaha I got scissors happy...its grown back in now!!


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