National Museum Of Korea

In front of the museum– the lake was completely frozen in the background!!!

Yes I went to another museum like three days later…I was quite worn out from the first one but since Jane invited me I was like eggghhhh what the hell!!!! This museum was not as cool as Leeum but I also skipped a lot of the exhibits because it was an exact carbon copy of the last museum WTF!!!!! Where they do that at???? I thought each museum was supposed to be different so how am I supposed to know which pieces are authentic or not???? hmmmm me no likey. 

Non the less me and Jane had a ball clowning, and talkin mess…she had me rollin. As usual I was a spectacle for the kids and the adults who gawked and stared at me as though I was on display….i’m used to it so no need to feel pity I think of myself as a star like a Beyonce or a Mariah Carey!!!! 


remember the enchanted pagoda I mentioned in the last post well here is the life size version.

I didnt realize how small this country was until I saw this map!!!

Warrior mask

We stood in front of this picture for a long time trying to figure WTF was going on...we realized the brown people were indians(pictured as unruly and uncivilized) and the pale people were Koreans(defenseless, civilized)

We knew these were Africans and not indians due to the kinky curly cute! Totally shocked that they didnt depict us as crazy and combative in this picture

Still trying to find my inner mudra while out here

Thats enough of this B.S. museum---shall we eat!!!!

yea lets go please!!!

Ok you may think my comments are a little brash when I speak about Korean life…I dont think i’m entitled to it– but after living here for the short amount of months that i have, it hasnt taken me long to decipher whats real and whats been conjured up!!! Koreans are good at making themselves look really good and making other countries look less then them….the poly sci in me hates and despises that. History should be shown in its rare formation and as a patron I should be able to create my own imagery!!! It’s the reason why me and Jane get along so well shes of Chinese decent (but is always mistaken for a Korean) however she has her major qualms about Korea because of the many copyrights Korea has stolen from china and made it there own. 

scenery change

Like clock work we always end up at a tea house after we eat. Jane was telling me a story.


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