Happy Birthday Bob Marley

So I have been hibernating in my apt for the last couple of weekend because the weather outside is frightful….especially at night and staying out till 6am nearly 7am is not the bizness…..yes you heard that correct the subways in Korea stop running at exactly ‘MIDNIGHT’ so if you dont take the taxi home you will be stranded till the morning light. I refuse to take the taxi because I live hella southern from the night scene and taxi drivers are known for being schiesty to foreigners—I’ve had freinds tell me they were driven around for longer then need be so the cab driver gets more money( I myself experienced a cab driver acting like he was lost and kept going around in circles when he knew good and damn well he knew where to go..plus they are all equip with top of the line navigation systems if they dont know) some cab drivers up charge more than the meter, some even take you to as far as they fell like taking you and leaving you stranded. So I keep it simple and always stay out late and take the subway!!! Anyway I experienced the subway shutting down at exactly midnight so I had to catch a cab from Sadang to Itaewon no biggy it ended up being like 11,000won which is like $10US plus the cabbie could speak a lil English so he asked all sorts of questions which is always entertaining to me…some of the highlights from the convo:

1)Are you married? No…

Really why…???Because i’m not

2)Do you have boyfriend then..? No

Really why not….? Because American men suck

3)Where are you from? America..California to be exact

Oh I been to America all over…. everywhere

really what states?……..everywhere!!!!……Ummm ok

4) Do you have any siblings? Yes there are 4 altogether

oh wow that’s big, american style….

So I make it to Itaewon, and at this point i’m over the fact that I fly solo a lot of the times it doesnt bother me but the thing that does bother me is men see that as an open invitation to claim you….ummm NO I came alone I will leave alone. With that being said I met a couple of cool africans well they seemed cool at first but then got upset that I didnt want to go to get something to eat at the end of the night…I had to get buck with them… damn near cursing them out(I hate getting that way but they push you to the limit with asking the same isshh a 100times) I met some cool people that night, ran into my girl Adrienne, and did some stupid things I shall not mention on this blog LoLz—-all in all it was a normal night for me!!!

Jamaica!! We in tha house

(R) Adrienne (L) her bestie in town from China

Drinks on YOU! I bought my first two..hehehe

I love africans but when they demand you to do something I be like ugggghhhh naw you got it twisted


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