Is Graffiti Considered Art or Just Childs Play?

I think I have an obsession with graffiti and I’m not talking about the ones you see tagged all over bridges and on the side of buildings mentioning someones gang affiliation. I’m talking about the graffiti that someone took the time to plan…Korea has a lot of provinces that produce this kind of art…instead of painting over the murals, they welcome it to the neighborhoods as part of their eclectic and sheik backdrops. 


I know this is not graffiti but its still hott!!!










love the colors in this one


This one is too cute


yes indeed



I will leave you with this last one, I have soooo many but can’t give you all my goodies……………. 


Hope you enjoyed…let me know which ones you like if any!!!


Street Style

So this is going to be my regular posting of normal people I see on the streets of Korea who I belive to have wicked street style. I love fashion or shall I say self-interpreted fashion, Koreans can dress they behinds off!!!(I would say 95% of Koreans can dress) In my opinion they have a sense of style that is unique, fun, and bold!!! Well I’ll let the pictures do the talking and just be on the look out for this periodic addition to the blog.

First up these two ladies I stopped while I was riding my bike..

The girl on the left sports the boyfriend look with a pop of green chucks, while the girl on the right dresses up in a mini skirt, a top, a fitted khaki trench coat, black leggings and for her accessories a blue purse with a bold scarf which is what caught my eyes. She tones down the girly look by wearing black boots.

Second we have Soon Euk I met her at one of my favorite stores I shop at, she was filling in for her sister who owns the shop. She could speak really good English so I stayed and chatted it up with her after blowing some major cash…she was hella cool!

Soon was wearing a print dress, with a black top underneath, a faux fur vest, gray tights and peep toe boots to match!!! Here’s a closer look at that hott vest!!

And last  I photo’d these two girls  in the alley way–I loved their fits they were just perfect!!!! I also love the pic!!!! Working on my photography skills so it doesn’t come in clear for a reason…

Homegirl on the left was wearing a winter cardigan filled with hunter green and dark red, she topped it with a black scarf , she wore black shorts with black tights and blue socks with hiking boots that emulate the same color as her sweater!!!! Her friend on the right decided to layer her fit she wore a black shirt, a denim button up, a grey cardigan and a red belt to cinch in that waist, black shorts and black tights were also her choices but instead she wore black combat boots. To tie the whole look together she threw in a green chunky scarf to keep her warm from the harsh cold winds.

Hope you enjoyed this rounds of street style!!!


So this post is about my hair, many of you know I recently chopped of my hair and I am now sporting a fro…. yes I have my awkward moments when i’m like ugggghhhhhh but then I remember its for the best and it’s definitely more fitting for my personality.

So two weeks ago my older sister sent me a care package filled with goodys to help bring my hair lots of needed moisture and TLC!!! The products that she sent me are from a company called Zuresh and let me say me LIKEY!!!!!! I couldn’t wait to try them out so I immediately went home and washed my hair just so I could test them out….instantly my hair was moisturized, soft to the touch and smelling like orange creamsicles mmmmmmmmmm!!!! All Zuresh products are made with complete natural ingredients so I can feel confident that my hair is receiving all the proper nutrients.



This package came at the right time as the air in Korea is becoming more dry(its still snowing in March) and it doesn’t help that their water is very hard as well…thanks Onika for putting me on to another wonderful product line.

Before Zuresh!!!

After Zuresh!

Whats a night out like in Korea?

Well a lot of inquiring minds like to know what the night scenes are like here in Korea…well thier not much different from the states. Koreans can drink and they love their soju but us foreigners usually make it a night versus just eating, drinking, then heading home in the wee hours of the night…

This particular night was shared with one of my San Diego friends I met out here. It was her birthday celebration so we first met up @ Hooters!!! Yes theirs a Hooters out here

However this Hooters is a bit different because all the girls are Korean *duh* and they dance every hour on the hour. Korean pop is very BIG out here a.k.a K-pop, so most Koreans emulate their dance moves any way possible. I caught a couple of pics of them while they danced their little hearts out. 

We kept joking that the girl on the far left hated her job because she NEVER smiled.

so that went on for about 5-7mins

Then we of course chit chatted because there were some new faces for me to meet!! That’s always exciting

We were showing the formal way of saying NO in Korea

The Birthday Girl

Sometimes you play ESL games like this one because someone is always thinking outside the box to carry things like this with them…

I just finished acting out the word "Model" hahahaha

Then it took us seriously an hour to figure out how we were going to get to hongdae taking a taxi with 11 people…the taxis out here will not let you ride with more then 4 people per car so it was drama….lol. I got to ride with Jason and Tommy love them!!!! I had to get some cash so I was serenaded by their lovely voices, I found out they like to sing and rock out together, plus I always like rollin with the guys!!! On our way to Hongdae Jason sat in front with the driver who he decided to have random conversations with hahahaahahaha I love that people love to get to know the drivers…..I kept joking with Tommy like “OH SNAP Jason can speak fluent Korean” and Tommy with his straight/tired/ slightly tipsy face was like “He can only speak like 5words” LMAO!!!! I started busting out laughing, cuz the cab driver was like having an in depth convo anyway Jason was like “Tommy I can speak I studied Korean for like 5months”

So moving on I got to know Tommy who I like LOVE, its funny how a lot of the foreigners you meet out here have like either the same life you once had or similar…Tommy lived in ATL and like completely knew about my University and so we were just going on and on about our life and careers and grad school it was totally organic, anyways we all meet up and hit up the first spot Sensation. It was like complete Motown, 80s, 90s and I was totally feelin the vibes it was geek chic, hippie, indie, artsy fartsy, funkadelic type heads in there….the kind of people I always imagined myself to be surrounded around. I felt at home and comfortable. And suprisingly everyone could dance it was the strangest thing…

As you walk in theirs totally cool artwork happening everywhere but this one in particular was like FA REAL….I dunno call me a freak but I like it– take a look…

with the flash

Without the flash

So yea the picture was definitely in your face and I couldn’t stop staring…So this is what brings me to my next inquiry…for a country that is very conservative about sex, and very modest about their PDA, why is it most Korean night venues or lounges use such in your face extreme displays of artwork??? I mean I’m not complaining but it’s definitely a curiosity of mine.

The rest of the night we danced the night away till the trains began running again….OMG I’m such a grandma at times because I was ready to go by 3:30am but the trains don’t start until 5:30am 😦 and Tommy can dance his ass off, I’ve never met anyone like him he’s definitely a special character!!!!!(FYI-i’m not crushing on him, I just appreciate cool people)

(l) to (r) Cynthia, Elise, Tommy, and Heather

(l) to (r) Merriam a.k.a latin mami, tommy, me

nathan. merriam, tommy, me

I met this gentlemen he's an accomplished and published writer and he was signing a book I had bought, Amazing!!!

Jason loves to dance as well

Cynthia gettin her sexy on

 On to the next club

koreans love to get their pics taken by foreigners

I was diggin his Benjamin Bixby look



Why so sad? lol

Go away

Hey Mr. DJ..he was pretty dope

This always cures the sadness

Nathan losing his damn mind

Cynthia about to give nathan and red the bizness

I'm always down to meet new people

was getting my dance fever on

Kiss that if you dont like it

All in all you can get really waisted for very cheap if you want to(I was sober this time around) then dance the night away!!!!

I got a new toy!!!

So 2weeks ago my gurl Shenae took me to the mecca of all electronics here in South Korea!!!! I’m talking about anything you can think of electronics is here at this 6 level emporium– it was wild…y’all know I’ve been in the market for a DSLR, a Canon to be exact. Upon first arrival I laid my eyes on the perfect one but was it the price I willing to spend???? The dude was hella cool and he first quoted me a price that was very reasonable but I wasn’t quick to hop on anything just quite yet, we walked around to other vendors and me and Shenae had  a riot watching these fools as they obviously made up prices in their heads. We would ask them how much the camera was and they would say something like 900,000won then we would ask how much was it for the camera and the lens together then they would say 920,000 won oh for real a lens only cost 20,000 GTFOH  (American dollars that is like equivalent to $19 for a lens) we would look at each other like do we have stupid written on our faces, laugh and then chuck the dueces. We went to another booth where this other vendor tried to sell me a camera that wasn’t even the model I was asking for.  He was trying to sell me some low budget cannon sidekick (I aint even heard of this) I kept telling him NO!! I want a Cannon 450D he would say yes this is it sidekick and 450D same thing………….um NO sir I said 450D, I don’t want that mess your tryna sell me, I want the 450D!!! He then continues to pull down the box that clearly states sidekick and continues to pull out the lens, the battery charger, the memory card, and the filter like I was really about to purchase this thing!!! Sir I don’t think you get it… I don’t know what the heck that is… but I don’t want it, I want this ONE RIGHT HERE!!! Yogi(this means here in Korean) SEE the box says 450D he then vehemently shakes his head angered and says he aint got it…… Shenae was like why is he being so shady why won’t he sell you the camera….I was like I dunno he’s trippin….I asked him if he had the camera even in stock and he then said NO (why couldn’t he just say that from jump instead of trying to sell me some low budget sidekick I have never even heard of) be carfeful when buying your electronics out her e because they will shiest you especially if your non-novice of electronics

So I came to the conclusion that the first guy I went to was going to be the best vendor to purchase from and I was ready to get my hustle on for a cheaper price…in these kind of venues you can definitely haggle a different price especially when they don’t have price tags on them….I had done some price research for a different model but I was determined to get it at the price of that model…..I ended up getting the camera for a steal I paid 820,000 won for everything a bag, lens, filter, battery/charger, and memory card.( when I got home I priced the camera and found out it was $1000US for just the body, and the lens, I paid $714US  WoooooOOOOWW hahahahaha)

So I have been dusting off my notes and learning the tricks of the trade, practicing and what not, so stay tuned for hotter pictures and better quality. Here are a couple of pics while we were at the venue….

Adriennes going away party….sniffle sniffle

OHHhhhh how I will miss thee Adrienne…such short time together

So I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Jamaican out here….you may remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned a girl named Adrienne!!!! Well her last day came and went but we partied hard and had a hell of a time….lets get to the story Lolz. 

So we were all supposed to meet in a town call Beomgye (pronounced bum-gay) we were supposed to meet right outside the subway exit at 9pm on the dot but since the trains move at a mind of their own I got there at about 9:10…I was pissed because no one was there, in my mind im thinking damn they were not playing when they said meet at 9sharp….so I kept it moving looking around for Bar 10….now if you could see where I was at, this was no easy task as there are signs freaking everywhere, stacked on top of each other, looking all the SAME and lit very bright…grrrrrrr!!! Now i’m pissed because I been walking around for 15-20mins like a lost child and I still have yet to see anybody. Of course Adrienne’s phone has been disconnected already, and its not like I had anybody else’s number(I told y’all i’m a loner in these streets hahaha)….ok one more try—- so I find bar 10…yay!!! But no people WTF!?! Am I dreaming??? Is this really happening, oh wells I tried… so I was walking down the stairs headed back to the train station when I see nothing but foreigners piled in front of the building…this has gotta be them. Theirs one thing I love about Korea, you can always spot the foreigners(nothing like where’s waldo) I roll up to the crew as if I  already knew them like eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!! They were all looking at me like dang she crunk—-everyone was like heeeyyyyy we found another one!!!! 30seconds later Adrienne strolls up all laid back and cool….i’m like what it do? what happened to 9pm??? Of course she said she was there…blah blah…I wasnt trippin though I was just happy it wasnt a wasted trip!!! so we all made it and now its on to the next one…. 

The crew

see how we stick out

So we head over to a new location as bar 10 is packed and no seats are available for our massive crew…we go across the way to somewhere else I dont remember???? And upon walking there, there are new faces to meet and greetings to be had…you will never guess what happened next—2 of the girls that came out that night were fresh from Cali, and not only were they from Cali but they were from San Diego WHAATTTTTT!!! I screamed, What part??? They answer Rancho Penasquitos!!! WHAT SHUT UP!!! I screamed again. Their like what part do you live in??? I was like Poway (ok these 2 cities are like 5mins away so you could imagine our excitement) What a small fucken world OMG!!!!! So we chilled all night Heather and Elise… 

SD crew

So we drank tons of flavored Soju…kiwi soju to be exact and I was feeling the scene. Soju is like Japanese Sake but Soju has more kick in my opinion!!! Me and Leah ordered food and everyone was getting lit except Adrienne, she had a flight to catch the next day…. 

I just love dinner parties


Sam and her kiwi-flavored soju shot

(r) to (l) Angela, Erin, Leah

The only man to be with the 15 deep female crew

Told yall about me feelin myself/ we had to make another soju run at the store for the next event

me and Angela!! luvs her...shes korean but was raised in America and she speaks fluent korean

ok lets hit up some Norebang!

Alright so the next event was Norebang!!! Norebang is pretty much karaoke but like with posh digs…i’m talkin about separate rooms with plush seating, instruments, flat screen tvs, and special lighting…we were all drunk minus Adrienne so it was about to get crazy!!!!! I of course had to sing Beyonce- Single ladies to get me started off…Adrienne taped it so I dont have footage thank god well except this picture of Sam and I shakin our marachas…..phew 

yea it was that serious

dont even ask

 Everyone was up in here groovin.. 




The special effects

Adreinne and I after we got that perfect score singing Foo Fighters-best of you!!! I've always wanting to rock out on this song!!!

putting are shoes back on to hit up the next spot..oh yea no shoes allowed

So Adrienne had planned to make this a easy going night but us party like a rockstar kids couldn’t get enough so we had to hit a club…It was called stag!!! yea buddy I was ready fa sho!!!I havent partied in a long time so go big or go home.. 

This white boy rolled up on me like he knew me I wasnt trippin he was a cutie and could he dance to the beat





Everyone was gettin it nobody was holdin up the wall

me and this dude just started wild'n out together it was mad funny

All in all it was a good fucken night!!!! minus Adrienne leaving us 😦 

My Korean family

So immediately upon moving out here I was taken in by a korean family that lives right across the street from me I dont know why but they instantly felt the need to take care of me. Ever since then I have dinner at their house every Tuesday and Wednesday, I love it because they cook mostly for me and I eat a lot(most times they eat earlier so by the time I get there its all for me, and then the husband comes home after I finish playing with the kids) I absolutely adore this family they have taken VERY good care of me…its the main reason I think I havent gotten homesick really(I got homesick ONE time late at night…. it was so random thank god it was bedtime so I slept it off)

So let me explain how I met them, on the second night of my arrival my super-Suchin came to the apartment to see if everything was ok…when I opened the door he looked like he was mad as hell to see me there(lolz…big misunderstanding on my part) he was sputtering out all these korean words but I knew for some reason he was the owner of the building so I let him in, he kept trying to talk to me but I just couldnt figure out what it was he was wanting. I told him to call my co-teacher but he wasnt haven it so he called Hui Yeon & Hyun Ji thier sisters. They came over immediately and Hyun Ji can speak English very well so she helped translate everything— now all is well. Hui Yeon brought her sons over so thats how I meet the fam….we exchanged numbers and they instantly offered their services if I ever needed anything, or if I ever got lonely I could go over there, or if I were hungry…..Now ya’ll know folks say that all the time but they dont really mean it so I just smiled and nodded….

2weeks go by and there is a knock on my door….who the hell could it be???? cuz I know I dont have any friends….its Hui Yeon and Hyun with the boys…..I was so delighted to see them, they came over and the boys love hammy so they kept playing with him while the sisters looked at me in admiration and smiles…..For what ever reason they were really worried for me, they wanted to make sure I was eating and that I wasnt depressed because they knew I was so far away from home!!!! Its Korean culture to always bring over fruit, food or some sort of gift so they had all sorts of snacks to eat while we talked…they told me the boys loved me…. and in my mind I couldnt understand how??? When our last encounter was so short. But I have learned first impressions are how they gauge someone, so I must of wowed them some way some how….anyways they came over a couple more times, Hui Yeon even brought over dinner one night but it wasnt until they finally extended an invite that I began going over to thier house!!! I was excited because I am a culture freak and I wanted to see how Koreans live—the Korean family life is very tight knit they all live under the same roof and the youngest(Hyun) since she is not married is required to live at home till she is…however Hui Yeon lives there with her parents her husband and kids….of course most Americans would never commit to such living standards but they live harmoniously. And after going over there so many times I have realized they live their own lives and get along great when their all there….oh they do have a brother but he lives in the next city over with his wife but he pops up quite frequently.

I have met Hui Yeons husbands sister and her husband and kids and their wonderful ones a comic book artist and let me tell you this girls got skillz…everytime I see her I try to convince her to got to California to pursue the arts there but she always says” NO i’m to scared’ shes very humble about her work and shes super shy—heres some pics of my Korean fam!!!

The youngest woojin...his facial expressions be cracking me up

The oldest wounbin

my korean mom Hui Yeon

one of my favorites 'sam gyup sal'

2 things I have learned about myself since living here..I am an extremist and I am a narcissist

Ok so clearly I have always known or semi known I like to do things…. and then at times I like to do radical things….so ever since I decided to go 100% natural I have been doing A LOT of reasearch. Im like that once I have made a decision to do something. So— once I took the braids out, YES they ran their course (2 and half months was all I could take) I was not feeling the state my hair. I realized I had suffered something called “heat damage” and it is common when us black girls wanna get that straight as a bone hair with these heating tools we use…anyways my heat damaged hair dated back from when my hair stylist extraordinaire cut my hair (I love Jason!!! he is still the shyt in my book…. but he can no longer do my hair 😦 my hottest hair cuts were from him…check out my about me page that was when the damage occurred) anyways all the new growth I had received while my hair was in the braids was the only thing natural about me…. so I went to school Monday with the hair you saw from the last post but at night something marvelous happened….I took control of my hair and grabbed a pair of scissors and starting going at it—snip snip snip….oooooohhhh this is fun and I just loved what was happening…..since being out here I have learned to let go and just move on to the next. My motto is:  the sooner the better!!!!! After and hour and a half I had on my head what is called a TWA in the natural hair community (teeny weeny afro) I didn’t like it at first and then after I washed and conditioned it I was like ok ok I can grow to love this look….I don’t have hair to hide behind…its bold… its natural…it’s jus plain me no frills no gimmicks. 

I cut my hair in February but I just been having too much fun to update y’all about it.. my bad…..I had lunch with jane a couple weeks and wouldn’t you belive she cut her hair off as well (are we twins or something???? It was not planned nor did either of us mention going scissors happy on our heads….something about Korea) but it was her that made me realize I was a narcissist!!!! Normally I would debate someone making judgment calls about me but she made very valid points and when you use examples from sex in the city–especially Carrie who I believe to be who I mirror— I have no choice but to submit. Those that know me, know I can argue until I turn blue in the face— but I believe sex and the city is like the holy grail of love, life, and career minus Mr. Big I’ve had 2 Mr. bigs in my life and frankly I dont have the patience for that kinda B.S. anymore… It was with ease I just said “OMG Jane your right i’m a narcissist!!! All this time people said I over analyzed things but this word describes me better than that” she laughed at me and was like dont worry i’m the same way!!!! 

anyways heres the hair ahhaahahahahahah….its gone!!!! 

The night before


 ME...I did it 

There it the garbage can where it belongs


after my shower and likey!!


At work the next day...look at my fuzzies hahahahah. No one noticed my hair WTF!?! I was so nervous about debuting it and NO one NOTICED!!!


So since the cut my hair is trained no more fuzzies… and I have been experimenting and trying new(only 2 let me stop lying) styles….what I love???? I get to put bows in my hair like i’m 4 again….I love bows, and clips, and ties and things, I can do it without trying to figure out how to make it work in my relaxed hair(always worried about breakage)….next post you will see I be feelin myself tooo hard… but mainly because its like I’m looking at the real me for the first time. And it couldn’t better timing because my attitude can match my life, and my look…..for those that don’t like it— its ok by me because its for me not anyone else….I spent so much time in California worrying about everyone else’s thoughts and opinions(one of my friends always used to tell to stop but now I can honestly feel what she was talking about)  

BTW— Yes I cut my hair myself, and yes there were spots I cut way too low…. but it was all too fun to let someone else take my crown and glory, it was something I needed to do to empower myself and keep me grounded in my decision…plus i’m in Korea so the nearest black person to cut my hair is an hour and sum change away hell naw!!! 

can you spot the semi- bald spot? hahahaha I got scissors happy...its grown back in now!!

Awww check out the wheels

Check out my new splurge!!! I just had to buy a bike I was getting tired of walking and carrying all my groceries—-I freaking love my bike. Of course I had to get pink my favorite color, and he gave me a good deal on the bike….I can hussle(haggle as my dad calls it) its nothin for me I think its a gift. Anyways I pretty much ride my bike EVERYDAY, I get ancy when I dont. It has a basket and a bell so I can tell people to get outta my way(they still dont move sometimes)

In front of the subway station


If you notice something looks a lil different in the pic about me…can you figure it out???? Wait till the next post to see if you cant guess

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

So I have been hibernating in my apt for the last couple of weekend because the weather outside is frightful….especially at night and staying out till 6am nearly 7am is not the bizness…..yes you heard that correct the subways in Korea stop running at exactly ‘MIDNIGHT’ so if you dont take the taxi home you will be stranded till the morning light. I refuse to take the taxi because I live hella southern from the night scene and taxi drivers are known for being schiesty to foreigners—I’ve had freinds tell me they were driven around for longer then need be so the cab driver gets more money( I myself experienced a cab driver acting like he was lost and kept going around in circles when he knew good and damn well he knew where to they are all equip with top of the line navigation systems if they dont know) some cab drivers up charge more than the meter, some even take you to as far as they fell like taking you and leaving you stranded. So I keep it simple and always stay out late and take the subway!!! Anyway I experienced the subway shutting down at exactly midnight so I had to catch a cab from Sadang to Itaewon no biggy it ended up being like 11,000won which is like $10US plus the cabbie could speak a lil English so he asked all sorts of questions which is always entertaining to me…some of the highlights from the convo:

1)Are you married? No…

Really why…???Because i’m not

2)Do you have boyfriend then..? No

Really why not….? Because American men suck

3)Where are you from? America..California to be exact

Oh I been to America all over…. everywhere

really what states?……..everywhere!!!!……Ummm ok

4) Do you have any siblings? Yes there are 4 altogether

oh wow that’s big, american style….

So I make it to Itaewon, and at this point i’m over the fact that I fly solo a lot of the times it doesnt bother me but the thing that does bother me is men see that as an open invitation to claim you….ummm NO I came alone I will leave alone. With that being said I met a couple of cool africans well they seemed cool at first but then got upset that I didnt want to go to get something to eat at the end of the night…I had to get buck with them… damn near cursing them out(I hate getting that way but they push you to the limit with asking the same isshh a 100times) I met some cool people that night, ran into my girl Adrienne, and did some stupid things I shall not mention on this blog LoLz—-all in all it was a normal night for me!!!

Jamaica!! We in tha house

(R) Adrienne (L) her bestie in town from China

Drinks on YOU! I bought my first two..hehehe

I love africans but when they demand you to do something I be like ugggghhhh naw you got it twisted