Sightseeing-Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

City Views

Okay so before I begin this museum is located in the most inconvenient, random, far out, undetailed location EVER….it took me freakin 1 and half hours to find this son-of-a-gun….I was so irritated I almost wanted to give up I walked up and down the same streets literally 5 times. I even asked the tour guide kiosk trailer and they weren’t so clear so anyways needless to say I wasted damn near 2hrs trying to find this thing so if you go make sure you know where you are going!!!! 

Okay so the Leeum Samsung Museum is a dynamic art complex that stages the opportunity for viewers to appreciate Korean traditional art, modern and contemporary art, as well as futuristic experimental art(this exhibit was weird but there was one that was extremely amazing).  This building houses an amazing 3 sections that display pieces from Korea and around the world. You might be wondering is that the same “Samsung” that  makes electronics and such YES as quoted from the brochure “It is an artistic center that provides a comprehensive display of Samsung’s long-term wealth of cultural capabilities.” well then we hear you Samsung because they did have some impressive art ranging from the Joseon dynasty all the way to Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami(his isssh was hott!!!) 

I took a couple of pics of the inside before I was caught and told to put my camera away but I will share with you this one painting that I could not stop staring at it sent me into a trance that kept going and going…I felt like I fell into the picture it was crazy…..So to begin I of course took pictures of the outside and here are a few— 

Walking up to the museum


*gasp* a huge spider!!!




outfit check, camera check, hot as hell check


 Now onto the pictures that were forbidden 

The enchanted pagoda



The rotunda


Donald Judd and his art that I could have made


My hand held digital talks too provided by yours truly Samsung!


Loved the color contrast--This was supposed to be the Chinese alphabet


I want something like this


And last but not least the pic that I could not stop staring at I want something like this one day too!! 

Woah that was deep---


Alright that is I got caught after this so no more lol, what life without living on the wild side!!! This museum took me 3hrs to go through…I was pooped afterwards!!! 

Speak on it if you must in the comment section.


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