Happy Valentines DAY!!!

I have to comment on this holiday for so many reasons, the first being it seems to be a hatefest more then a holiday and so many people have their reasons to feel that way but I am especially HAPPY this year…No I do not have a valentines not that it matters but I thought I would clear that up first. So many of us get so wrapped up in the idea that we do not have a special someone to commemorate this day with and that is where a lot of these NEGATIVE emotions stem from. I’m not one to judge because I’ve been there and to be quite honest I have been a miserable angry woman for quite some many years, at times I even allowed myself to cry my heart out over it…

It all began in middle school I remember like it was just yesterday I was in the 6th grade and I had this bright idea to send this guy I had a psycho crush on a valentines, I made this really cute card and attached M&M’s. I was such a coward I couldn’t face him because of the fear (now that I’m old enough I was scared of rejection, but I didnt know of this emotion at the time) so I had my friend Robert give Scott my valentine gift (don’t worry Robert was friends with him, so it wasnt a complete stranger giving him this gift) anyways I was so excited but to my disbelief and shock Robert walked back with the card and candy and said he didnt want anything to do with my gift(what a freakin ass I was like 11 years old and let me tell you I was embarrassed and humiliated) anyways since that day my valentines have always been this bad or even worse until now…..

I was doing research for valentines day for my students and came across some very interesting history facts about what the holiday means…let me tell you there were a lot of explanations but I needed the most basic and simple explanations to be able to teach elementary students and there it was in plain black letter: valentines is february 14th a holiday in which another person shares their appreciation, love and affection towards another it can be with family but mainly this particular site kept referencing friends— it also stated that the holiday was used to give love to those that love you back in return by offering cards, candy, flowers, cookies and cake…..so my question is; where in the world did it change that valentines day was for lovers only and that you must have man to spend this day with, or a female that you must spend this day with doing lovey dovey over the top cliché actions. NO WHERE its been forced down the throats by media through commercials and movies to share it with the opposite sex…but I ask you fellow readers to understand one thing…. Valentines day has been wonderful for me simply because I shared my love to my school by offering them a part of my tradition from waaaay back when I was in elementary school, when you used to make v-day cards for everyone (even smelly old Tim that you didnt like) and bringing baked goods to pig out on all day….remember those moments, I know I do and I had so much fun!!! I didnt care about what man I didnt have and being lonely or even that I was single ( I know i’m being advantageous because we were to little to even know about all those things but just work with me a lil) So my point is…. to those that are sad and miserable and those that are feeling lonely and worthless–dont be because its not about the man you dont have maybe you need to look at your life and evaluate if your even happy…PERIOD. One day shouldnt make you feel like your self-worth isnt worth celebrating with the ones that do love and appreciate your being…..I say forget those Scotts in your life, its their loss anyway because chances are their not worth your time or your beauty.  Anybody that takes the time out to send any token of appreciation should never be rejected but simply admired and thanked…..thats my two cents and I thought I would use this platform to confess my happiness and solitude….peace and love

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