Sightseeing in Samcheong-dong

My biggest complaint since being here in South Korea is that it is way too modern for my taste….the whole thrill of going to a new country is to experience the country in its pure essence and nostalgia. To see things I wouldn’t normally see in the states and to appreciate the elements that make up the asian culture. Well since being here the only thing that reminds me that im not in my native country is the fact that everything is pretty much written in Hangul, the food is different (not in a bad way) and I’m swarmed around thousands sometimes millions of Koreans a day. This has been my biggest disappointment thus far since coming to Korea, the culture they lack just saddens me and I worry that modern-day society will soon corrupt the minds of this once sacred culture.

With that being said— I came across a wonderful piece of beauty while wandering around the city of Samcheong-dong!!! It’s what I had been dying to see in Korea since when I first came to this country; lush greenery, tile roofing, quaint little homes AKA  hanok, and hilly mountainsides. It’s exactly what my hearts desire has been yearning for…..I just got lost in the houses, the narrow streets, the unique architecture, the smell from the air(it had just finished raining so it was the perfect scent to the backdrop of it all), the people that were tending to their homes. This little gem is so tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the normal city I just wanted to take it all in and enjoy, I kept walking up these hillsides not caring about time or if I was lost. None of those things mattered if it was to simply enjoy my first taste of traditional korean living I would stay in this moment, for as long as I could bare it— 





This is once I got off the path




After I took a left on this street there was a school tucked away

getting lifted

Taking this all in...breathe deep

(sorry for the lack of pictures my camera was dying…I will be back to take more of this wonderful beauty) 

While on this interesting adventure I stumbled across this random house that looked different from the rest of them, I didn’t know how(maybe it had to do with the signage) but before I investigated more I began taking pictures.. 




Then suddenly a woman emerged from the building….(I waited till she exited my photo lenses to shoot this pic)I glanced at her trying to figure out if it was a restaurant or an art gallery…..I ask “Is this a Restaurant?” she replies “NO! Teahouse” ooooo even better I thought to myself….I immediately entered as she was exiting. Upon further inspection I noticed this was a magnificent gem nestled in a pile of wonderful jewels!!! I never wanted to leave I declared!!!! I even cursed myself for not picking this city to live in, it was perfectly fit for me!!!! This teahouse was strategically placed away from the madness but still within finding, I sat myself at a lil table and got my pillows fluffed so I could sit comfortably (yes at traditional tea houses you sit on the floor) The ambience was so relaxing with light music in the background and the aesthetic was pleasing to my eyes 



There was only a group of about 8 women there, and it looked like they had already been there awhile…I could tell they were having a book club discussion because they all had the same book and each would take turns talking—I thought how cute was that. The teahouse was surrounded by views one from the near by garden 



and one on the other end overlooking the city (freakin gorgeous…thats where the women were sitting so I didnt get a pic of that) 

The women that was working the shop was so cute and little…I decided to order the Mango Star seeing how I love mangos!! 


gotta get one of these sets it was bomb!



Love this pic

As I was sitting there sipping my fine tea I began to get a lil famished…so I ordered a ‘sweet rice cake bread’ It is prepared by steam so heres the nifty little contraption that made this wonderfulness– 


15mins later..and Voila!! You see the steam rising...


The rice cake was definitely filling and heavy so I needed to walk it off a bit before heading home so I took some more pics around the town… 

customary steep steps

found my way back to the path

Wait-- I think I need a double take

Thats a hott picture!!!

Hope you enjoyed 

speak on it if you must…..


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