Bantering on about my hair…


The queen of all queens to natural hair my gurl Joan errrggg ummm.. I mean Tracee Ellis Ross since circa girlfriends this was my true inspiration--

Just take a moment to breath in this style/hair icon for many of us sistas. She has the flyest wardrobe and a natural girls dream of BIG full hair…luvs her!!!

So even before I came out here I made a pact with myself(yes I often talk to myself) that I would keep braids in my hair for a whole year—I knew there were some African hair braiders located here so that I would be able to get the hook-up. One of them by the name of Princess came highly recommended– by the shop is called Ebony Hair and thier located in Itaewon 3blocks away from the train station.

Some of you may or may not know this but I have given up the relaxer and I have decided to go natural. For those that aren’t familiar with natural let me give you a quick lesson–in order for women of black descent or naturally kinky/nappy/tightly curled waves. We try to tame the fuss by putting a crème in the hair refered to as a relaxer(black folks in the neighborhood call it a perm) either way is fine in the hair salon. The creme penetrates our hairs follicles and straightens out the natural curl pattern. The end result is supposed to mimic that of say “Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu or even J.lo” catch my drift. Over time this chemical begins to break the hair down and in most cases, the result  can lead to  things such as breakage, hair loss, burns, uneven hair, split ends and dry hair.(I’ve experienced all of the aforementioned and I can guarantee you 99.9% of the relaxed community has too!!) Here are some of my most recent hair muses, I freakin love the strength and the power drooling from these women… can have that effect for me..

First up solange I love her for the fact she gave up the weave and recently did a BC for young women like myself its refreshing to see someone young hip and still FAB!!!

Next up Shinghai Shoniwa from the london band the Noisettes is a goddess she has fearless style and her hair is always uniquely coifed. Shes a bad B

Last is Janelle Monae. I like this Janelle not the one always wearing a damn tuxedo I respect her hustle but this is more my digs


I ditched the relaxer(for many reasons that I can not get into at this moment) and I have been natural for over a year, I just celebrated my anniversary mid-last month. Just recently since being out here I have googled, and you tubed a natural hair community that has inspired me to wear my hair OUT and not in these braids….I have never been one to wear my hair so constricted BUT the natural hair community has advised that during the winter months its best to wear the hair in protective styles—and guess what??? Braids are one of those many styles. The protective styles keep the hair from drying out and dulling from the harsh weather the air tends to brings. And since the weather is more than frightful out here it is best to keep these babies in till the end of the month

I guess the good news is my hair has grown an inch and a half since Dec 18 and thats not half bad for a month and a halfs time!!

I'm sick of these things

Look at all those kinks...

ok ok okay

bobby pins all stuck in my hair

Why oh why did I make this steeeewpid pact

Oh yea so I can rock a kinky Kurly Fro...ok ok okay

Speak on it if you must in the comment section.


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