Meetup-With jane @ Coffee Belle

This was so grand

Since Jane was leaving for Manilla to see her family we decided to meet up it was her birthday earlier in the week so I decided to take her out to lunch there was this new cafe that had opened called “Coffee Belle” that I had been dying to go to so this was the perfect opportunity to go. The food looked yummy and the ambience was so decadent I felt like money just being in the building. Jane and I speculated that the owner must have  had the hook up on his very own italian blown glass maker because this place had mosaics dripping from head to toe in a very sophisticated chic way

The cafe was intimate  and sectioned off  behind glass or very heavy tapestry fabrics…how romantic too bad I wasnt with a guy…I was starving and ready to order but I didn’t know what to eat…lately I been craving anything sandwiches, I just love sandwiches and maybe thats because they don’t eat them out here unless you go to a “global minded “(you will be seeing this word often) restaurant. I ordered the ham, cheese and croissant du jour and Jane ordered the pasta Primavera the meal came with a dessert as well I wanted to see what they had to choode from before I decided

I got the cream cheese, cheesecake and Jane got the chocolate cake….yummm!!!

 As usual we talked till our ears were bleeding, I was dead tired from the night before partying…I even had a mini head-cold from all the smoke and cigarettes(I’m truly allergic to the smoke) I  sure a cup of tea would cure my ailments but  I needed plain sleep–Lifes cure to most issues….even though I was tired and achy we still ended up going to a coffee shop to do more talking….honestly sometimes all you wanna do is talk till you turn blue because basic conversations are normally out the question Mon-Fri


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