Friday, Friday nights

So this week when I was walking home from school I was in my lil diddy bop mood dancing while I was walking home from the train I run into this chick named Adrienne who looked at me like i’m tryna get like we stopped and had like a 30minute conversation….I love Korea for that you meet foreigners in the strangest meetings. Anyhow we exchanged skype information and she had invited me to chill out one of her friends is in a band so I was like what the hell might as well go…I was feeling extra girly tonight so I wanted to wear a dress(with leggings and extra layer underneath its freezing for heaven sake) why does my fashion game have to be put on hold because its damn near freezing everyday–

Getting dressed

I then met up with Adrienne an hour late due to my phone dying right when I exited the subway (aint that about a bitch) I wandered around trying to find somewhere to charge my phone. We met up and then we headed to Makers I was starving so I know I was abouts ta grub and possibly get my drink on. We were supposed to meet up in a huge group but it ended up being just me Adrienne and her friend(i’m horrible with names but she was hella cool) because no one wanted to come out in the cold.

Adrienne and I. Yo shes jamaican too!!!

Adrienne and Co.

Me and Co.

The bar then put on this elaborate show where they mixed drinks and turned off the lights and had special effects, fire and music all while dancing and what not it was very entertaining but they stop serving drinks while the show is in progress so we had to wait an hour till we received our order…bummer..


We had our entertainment, we had our drinks, I had my dinner and now it was time to move on to the club where their friends were performing at open mic night. We took a Cab over to psychos.. yes psychos where my ears were nearly blown out and my lungs nearly drowned from cigarette smoke but not worries because it was all supposed to be fun!! I was definitely about to get drunk because my lungs were about to explode if I didnt have anything to take the edge off…

The first band was up and I gotta admit they were pretty sick!!!! they were one of my favorites of the night, they opened up and they had the crowd rocken I think their name was mighty mouse and apparently their pretty famous–they had me dancing around thats for sure!!

The lead singer

The air guitarist

you betta get it boi

So cool on the drumset

The next band was up but they was aiiiight

He gave me a personal pose for the pic

I wondered off from the front row and made my way back to the bar where this guy just came up to me and began choppin it up–his name is Jon and hes from Arizona or Cali it was too loud in there and he was really tryna have a conversation…it wasnt working for me but he was still cool and kept buying me drinks 🙂

okay back to the music this group was not that great but I was feelin tipsy so it was all good…not the lungs though

He knows about the v-necks!!!

Bathroom Break…..

Oh Word!!!

Finally!!! My friends bad was up and I gotta say they are pretty SIIccckk!! they mixed the keyboard so it had this illumination that breathed life into the songs..the pianist was sooo fucken wasted I dont know how he stayed on the chair let alone was able to compose himeself…functioning alcholics I guess

After this I headed out with Jon because he said he knew of a Hip Hop spot that was the after hours to this..I was down because I had 3 MORE hours to kill till the trains opened again at 5:30am…by no means was this a hip hop spot and I realized Jon was waaaaayyyyy to clingy for my taste!!! Better luck next time

Speak on it if you must!!!


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