Sightseeing-Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

City Views

Okay so before I begin this museum is located in the most inconvenient, random, far out, undetailed location EVER….it took me freakin 1 and half hours to find this son-of-a-gun….I was so irritated I almost wanted to give up I walked up and down the same streets literally 5 times. I even asked the tour guide kiosk trailer and they weren’t so clear so anyways needless to say I wasted damn near 2hrs trying to find this thing so if you go make sure you know where you are going!!!! 

Okay so the Leeum Samsung Museum is a dynamic art complex that stages the opportunity for viewers to appreciate Korean traditional art, modern and contemporary art, as well as futuristic experimental art(this exhibit was weird but there was one that was extremely amazing).  This building houses an amazing 3 sections that display pieces from Korea and around the world. You might be wondering is that the same “Samsung” that  makes electronics and such YES as quoted from the brochure “It is an artistic center that provides a comprehensive display of Samsung’s long-term wealth of cultural capabilities.” well then we hear you Samsung because they did have some impressive art ranging from the Joseon dynasty all the way to Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami(his isssh was hott!!!) 

I took a couple of pics of the inside before I was caught and told to put my camera away but I will share with you this one painting that I could not stop staring at it sent me into a trance that kept going and going…I felt like I fell into the picture it was crazy…..So to begin I of course took pictures of the outside and here are a few— 

Walking up to the museum


*gasp* a huge spider!!!




outfit check, camera check, hot as hell check


 Now onto the pictures that were forbidden 

The enchanted pagoda



The rotunda


Donald Judd and his art that I could have made


My hand held digital talks too provided by yours truly Samsung!


Loved the color contrast--This was supposed to be the Chinese alphabet


I want something like this


And last but not least the pic that I could not stop staring at I want something like this one day too!! 

Woah that was deep---


Alright that is I got caught after this so no more lol, what life without living on the wild side!!! This museum took me 3hrs to go through…I was pooped afterwards!!! 

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Happy Valentines DAY!!!

I have to comment on this holiday for so many reasons, the first being it seems to be a hatefest more then a holiday and so many people have their reasons to feel that way but I am especially HAPPY this year…No I do not have a valentines not that it matters but I thought I would clear that up first. So many of us get so wrapped up in the idea that we do not have a special someone to commemorate this day with and that is where a lot of these NEGATIVE emotions stem from. I’m not one to judge because I’ve been there and to be quite honest I have been a miserable angry woman for quite some many years, at times I even allowed myself to cry my heart out over it…

It all began in middle school I remember like it was just yesterday I was in the 6th grade and I had this bright idea to send this guy I had a psycho crush on a valentines, I made this really cute card and attached M&M’s. I was such a coward I couldn’t face him because of the fear (now that I’m old enough I was scared of rejection, but I didnt know of this emotion at the time) so I had my friend Robert give Scott my valentine gift (don’t worry Robert was friends with him, so it wasnt a complete stranger giving him this gift) anyways I was so excited but to my disbelief and shock Robert walked back with the card and candy and said he didnt want anything to do with my gift(what a freakin ass I was like 11 years old and let me tell you I was embarrassed and humiliated) anyways since that day my valentines have always been this bad or even worse until now…..

I was doing research for valentines day for my students and came across some very interesting history facts about what the holiday means…let me tell you there were a lot of explanations but I needed the most basic and simple explanations to be able to teach elementary students and there it was in plain black letter: valentines is february 14th a holiday in which another person shares their appreciation, love and affection towards another it can be with family but mainly this particular site kept referencing friends— it also stated that the holiday was used to give love to those that love you back in return by offering cards, candy, flowers, cookies and cake… my question is; where in the world did it change that valentines day was for lovers only and that you must have man to spend this day with, or a female that you must spend this day with doing lovey dovey over the top cliché actions. NO WHERE its been forced down the throats by media through commercials and movies to share it with the opposite sex…but I ask you fellow readers to understand one thing…. Valentines day has been wonderful for me simply because I shared my love to my school by offering them a part of my tradition from waaaay back when I was in elementary school, when you used to make v-day cards for everyone (even smelly old Tim that you didnt like) and bringing baked goods to pig out on all day….remember those moments, I know I do and I had so much fun!!! I didnt care about what man I didnt have and being lonely or even that I was single ( I know i’m being advantageous because we were to little to even know about all those things but just work with me a lil) So my point is…. to those that are sad and miserable and those that are feeling lonely and worthless–dont be because its not about the man you dont have maybe you need to look at your life and evaluate if your even happy…PERIOD. One day shouldnt make you feel like your self-worth isnt worth celebrating with the ones that do love and appreciate your being…..I say forget those Scotts in your life, its their loss anyway because chances are their not worth your time or your beauty.  Anybody that takes the time out to send any token of appreciation should never be rejected but simply admired and thanked…..thats my two cents and I thought I would use this platform to confess my happiness and solitude….peace and love

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Sightseeing in Samcheong-dong

My biggest complaint since being here in South Korea is that it is way too modern for my taste….the whole thrill of going to a new country is to experience the country in its pure essence and nostalgia. To see things I wouldn’t normally see in the states and to appreciate the elements that make up the asian culture. Well since being here the only thing that reminds me that im not in my native country is the fact that everything is pretty much written in Hangul, the food is different (not in a bad way) and I’m swarmed around thousands sometimes millions of Koreans a day. This has been my biggest disappointment thus far since coming to Korea, the culture they lack just saddens me and I worry that modern-day society will soon corrupt the minds of this once sacred culture.

With that being said— I came across a wonderful piece of beauty while wandering around the city of Samcheong-dong!!! It’s what I had been dying to see in Korea since when I first came to this country; lush greenery, tile roofing, quaint little homes AKA  hanok, and hilly mountainsides. It’s exactly what my hearts desire has been yearning for…..I just got lost in the houses, the narrow streets, the unique architecture, the smell from the air(it had just finished raining so it was the perfect scent to the backdrop of it all), the people that were tending to their homes. This little gem is so tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the normal city I just wanted to take it all in and enjoy, I kept walking up these hillsides not caring about time or if I was lost. None of those things mattered if it was to simply enjoy my first taste of traditional korean living I would stay in this moment, for as long as I could bare it— 





This is once I got off the path




After I took a left on this street there was a school tucked away

getting lifted

Taking this all in...breathe deep

(sorry for the lack of pictures my camera was dying…I will be back to take more of this wonderful beauty) 

While on this interesting adventure I stumbled across this random house that looked different from the rest of them, I didn’t know how(maybe it had to do with the signage) but before I investigated more I began taking pictures.. 




Then suddenly a woman emerged from the building….(I waited till she exited my photo lenses to shoot this pic)I glanced at her trying to figure out if it was a restaurant or an art gallery…..I ask “Is this a Restaurant?” she replies “NO! Teahouse” ooooo even better I thought to myself….I immediately entered as she was exiting. Upon further inspection I noticed this was a magnificent gem nestled in a pile of wonderful jewels!!! I never wanted to leave I declared!!!! I even cursed myself for not picking this city to live in, it was perfectly fit for me!!!! This teahouse was strategically placed away from the madness but still within finding, I sat myself at a lil table and got my pillows fluffed so I could sit comfortably (yes at traditional tea houses you sit on the floor) The ambience was so relaxing with light music in the background and the aesthetic was pleasing to my eyes 



There was only a group of about 8 women there, and it looked like they had already been there awhile…I could tell they were having a book club discussion because they all had the same book and each would take turns talking—I thought how cute was that. The teahouse was surrounded by views one from the near by garden 



and one on the other end overlooking the city (freakin gorgeous…thats where the women were sitting so I didnt get a pic of that) 

The women that was working the shop was so cute and little…I decided to order the Mango Star seeing how I love mangos!! 


gotta get one of these sets it was bomb!



Love this pic

As I was sitting there sipping my fine tea I began to get a lil famished…so I ordered a ‘sweet rice cake bread’ It is prepared by steam so heres the nifty little contraption that made this wonderfulness– 


15mins later..and Voila!! You see the steam rising...


The rice cake was definitely filling and heavy so I needed to walk it off a bit before heading home so I took some more pics around the town… 

customary steep steps

found my way back to the path

Wait-- I think I need a double take

Thats a hott picture!!!

Hope you enjoyed 

speak on it if you must…..

Sightseeing- Bukchon/Unhyeon Palace.

Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean village located between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace, and Jongmyo in Seoul, South Korea where hanok (한옥) or Korean traditional houses have been preserved.

It was raining the day that I went, but I didnt let that stop me from enjoying my vacation….I even put on a dress :)!!! While in Buckchon Village I visited the Unhyeon Palace, this palace was formerly the residence of Prince Regent Daewon-gun, ruler of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty in the 19th century, and father of Emperor Gojong. Gojong himself also lived in this palace until age 12 when he assumed the throne. Today’s complex is smaller than its previous extent, 

The remaining complex includes:

  • Noan-dang Hall – Residence and working area for Prince Regent Hungson Taewongun. Women were not allowed in this area.
  • Norak-dang Hall – Largest building within the complex, and wedding site of King Gojong and Queen Min.
  • Iro-dang Hall – Women’s residence.
  • Sujik-sa – Servants’ quarters.

Some of the interiors have been refurnished, and contain mannequins dressed in typical clothing styles for various stations of life in Korean history. The complex also contains a small museum.-Source: Wikipedia

Enjoy the pictures


Sightseeing in Insadong

During the early period of the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897), the place belonged to Gwanin-bang and Gyeonpyeong-bang – bang was the name of an administrative unit during the time- of Hanseong (old name for the capital, Seoul). During the Japanese occupation, the wealthy Korean residents were forced to move and sell their belongings, at which point the site became an area of trading in antiques. After the end of the Korean war, the area became a focus of South Korea’s artistic and cafe life.Insadong-gil is “well known as a traditional street to both locals and foreigners” and represents the “culture of the past and the present”. It contains a mixture of historical and modern atmosphere and is a “unique area of Seoul that truly represents the cultural history of the nation.”-source from Wikipedia. I wont do to much more talking just enjoy the pics trying to get back into my photography…cough…cough… I need a new camera ASAP…

Bantering on about my hair…


The queen of all queens to natural hair my gurl Joan errrggg ummm.. I mean Tracee Ellis Ross since circa girlfriends this was my true inspiration--

Just take a moment to breath in this style/hair icon for many of us sistas. She has the flyest wardrobe and a natural girls dream of BIG full hair…luvs her!!!

So even before I came out here I made a pact with myself(yes I often talk to myself) that I would keep braids in my hair for a whole year—I knew there were some African hair braiders located here so that I would be able to get the hook-up. One of them by the name of Princess came highly recommended– by the shop is called Ebony Hair and thier located in Itaewon 3blocks away from the train station.

Some of you may or may not know this but I have given up the relaxer and I have decided to go natural. For those that aren’t familiar with natural let me give you a quick lesson–in order for women of black descent or naturally kinky/nappy/tightly curled waves. We try to tame the fuss by putting a crème in the hair refered to as a relaxer(black folks in the neighborhood call it a perm) either way is fine in the hair salon. The creme penetrates our hairs follicles and straightens out the natural curl pattern. The end result is supposed to mimic that of say “Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu or even J.lo” catch my drift. Over time this chemical begins to break the hair down and in most cases, the result  can lead to  things such as breakage, hair loss, burns, uneven hair, split ends and dry hair.(I’ve experienced all of the aforementioned and I can guarantee you 99.9% of the relaxed community has too!!) Here are some of my most recent hair muses, I freakin love the strength and the power drooling from these women… can have that effect for me..

First up solange I love her for the fact she gave up the weave and recently did a BC for young women like myself its refreshing to see someone young hip and still FAB!!!

Next up Shinghai Shoniwa from the london band the Noisettes is a goddess she has fearless style and her hair is always uniquely coifed. Shes a bad B

Last is Janelle Monae. I like this Janelle not the one always wearing a damn tuxedo I respect her hustle but this is more my digs


I ditched the relaxer(for many reasons that I can not get into at this moment) and I have been natural for over a year, I just celebrated my anniversary mid-last month. Just recently since being out here I have googled, and you tubed a natural hair community that has inspired me to wear my hair OUT and not in these braids….I have never been one to wear my hair so constricted BUT the natural hair community has advised that during the winter months its best to wear the hair in protective styles—and guess what??? Braids are one of those many styles. The protective styles keep the hair from drying out and dulling from the harsh weather the air tends to brings. And since the weather is more than frightful out here it is best to keep these babies in till the end of the month

I guess the good news is my hair has grown an inch and a half since Dec 18 and thats not half bad for a month and a halfs time!!

I'm sick of these things

Look at all those kinks...

ok ok okay

bobby pins all stuck in my hair

Why oh why did I make this steeeewpid pact

Oh yea so I can rock a kinky Kurly Fro...ok ok okay

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Meetup-With jane @ Coffee Belle

This was so grand

Since Jane was leaving for Manilla to see her family we decided to meet up it was her birthday earlier in the week so I decided to take her out to lunch there was this new cafe that had opened called “Coffee Belle” that I had been dying to go to so this was the perfect opportunity to go. The food looked yummy and the ambience was so decadent I felt like money just being in the building. Jane and I speculated that the owner must have  had the hook up on his very own italian blown glass maker because this place had mosaics dripping from head to toe in a very sophisticated chic way

The cafe was intimate  and sectioned off  behind glass or very heavy tapestry fabrics…how romantic too bad I wasnt with a guy…I was starving and ready to order but I didn’t know what to eat…lately I been craving anything sandwiches, I just love sandwiches and maybe thats because they don’t eat them out here unless you go to a “global minded “(you will be seeing this word often) restaurant. I ordered the ham, cheese and croissant du jour and Jane ordered the pasta Primavera the meal came with a dessert as well I wanted to see what they had to choode from before I decided

I got the cream cheese, cheesecake and Jane got the chocolate cake….yummm!!!

 As usual we talked till our ears were bleeding, I was dead tired from the night before partying…I even had a mini head-cold from all the smoke and cigarettes(I’m truly allergic to the smoke) I  sure a cup of tea would cure my ailments but  I needed plain sleep–Lifes cure to most issues….even though I was tired and achy we still ended up going to a coffee shop to do more talking….honestly sometimes all you wanna do is talk till you turn blue because basic conversations are normally out the question Mon-Fri

Friday, Friday nights

So this week when I was walking home from school I was in my lil diddy bop mood dancing while I was walking home from the train I run into this chick named Adrienne who looked at me like i’m tryna get like we stopped and had like a 30minute conversation….I love Korea for that you meet foreigners in the strangest meetings. Anyhow we exchanged skype information and she had invited me to chill out one of her friends is in a band so I was like what the hell might as well go…I was feeling extra girly tonight so I wanted to wear a dress(with leggings and extra layer underneath its freezing for heaven sake) why does my fashion game have to be put on hold because its damn near freezing everyday–

Getting dressed

I then met up with Adrienne an hour late due to my phone dying right when I exited the subway (aint that about a bitch) I wandered around trying to find somewhere to charge my phone. We met up and then we headed to Makers I was starving so I know I was abouts ta grub and possibly get my drink on. We were supposed to meet up in a huge group but it ended up being just me Adrienne and her friend(i’m horrible with names but she was hella cool) because no one wanted to come out in the cold.

Adrienne and I. Yo shes jamaican too!!!

Adrienne and Co.

Me and Co.

The bar then put on this elaborate show where they mixed drinks and turned off the lights and had special effects, fire and music all while dancing and what not it was very entertaining but they stop serving drinks while the show is in progress so we had to wait an hour till we received our order…bummer..


We had our entertainment, we had our drinks, I had my dinner and now it was time to move on to the club where their friends were performing at open mic night. We took a Cab over to psychos.. yes psychos where my ears were nearly blown out and my lungs nearly drowned from cigarette smoke but not worries because it was all supposed to be fun!! I was definitely about to get drunk because my lungs were about to explode if I didnt have anything to take the edge off…

The first band was up and I gotta admit they were pretty sick!!!! they were one of my favorites of the night, they opened up and they had the crowd rocken I think their name was mighty mouse and apparently their pretty famous–they had me dancing around thats for sure!!

The lead singer

The air guitarist

you betta get it boi

So cool on the drumset

The next band was up but they was aiiiight

He gave me a personal pose for the pic

I wondered off from the front row and made my way back to the bar where this guy just came up to me and began choppin it up–his name is Jon and hes from Arizona or Cali it was too loud in there and he was really tryna have a conversation…it wasnt working for me but he was still cool and kept buying me drinks 🙂

okay back to the music this group was not that great but I was feelin tipsy so it was all good…not the lungs though

He knows about the v-necks!!!

Bathroom Break…..

Oh Word!!!

Finally!!! My friends bad was up and I gotta say they are pretty SIIccckk!! they mixed the keyboard so it had this illumination that breathed life into the songs..the pianist was sooo fucken wasted I dont know how he stayed on the chair let alone was able to compose himeself…functioning alcholics I guess

After this I headed out with Jon because he said he knew of a Hip Hop spot that was the after hours to this..I was down because I had 3 MORE hours to kill till the trains opened again at 5:30am…by no means was this a hip hop spot and I realized Jon was waaaaayyyyy to clingy for my taste!!! Better luck next time

Speak on it if you must!!!