So all schools have what is called winter camp, winter camp is just a fancy word for MORE school. It is a time when kids go to class but specifically to learn to English only. This is a better opportunity for the kids to build upon their English skills because during the normal school year they have class for only 40mins and sometimes just once a week….YEA that’s not the way to learn any language and English at that. I was quite excited because I would be able to have the classroom to myself NO co-teachers lingering around trying to translate every single word that comes outta my mouth, and especially NO kids looking to the co-teacher to answer the questions for the kiddies’ pure, raw communication at its best!!! I dug into my creative juices that I been dying to use since I got out here and went to work; I was going to have this be a memorable experience for the kids that they had yet experienced in my “normal” English classes

Of course my co-teacher told me to do whatever I wanted and that I had freedom to plan how I liked, she always says those things but I don’t think she really means it at times..I sometimes think my main co-teacher is a hater but I will explain why later, so a couple of days before my winter camp my co-teacher was out sick and so I had no way of knowing where the classes were going to be held or which kids were coming or treats I would be supplied with hell I wasn’t even given a list of materials I could maybe work with…I will get into how the Korean school systems and their administration have no common sense in another post. So the day before I went to the store to purchase some candy(these kids are like horses when you dangle a carrot in front of one) prizes I planned to use fake money to keep them participating in my class(these kids have MAJOR failure issues) so Monday morning I wake up bright and early to get to school on time, I look out the window and we got majorly dumped on by a snow storm….aggggghhhh this is going to be very hard to carry all of my things with snow calf length high….I end up running into my co-teacher at the bus stop and she looks at the things in my hand and says “ooooooo you bought all those things” I said yea, she then says “ooooo I bought many things for the kids too” she made this face like she was angry that I had done that(hater move #1) you weren’t around so I decided to take matters into my own hand I reply “oooooooooooo-she then looks away in disappointment like I shouldn’t have done that(hater move #2) I brushed my shoulder off and realized we had been standing at the bus stop for awhile and I told her I think i’m going to walk the rest of the way to school because it was already 8:55am and class was going to begin at 9:10am, she says oh yea that’s a good idea and begins to follow me…the snow is very thick and hard to walk through but I was determined to have a perfect 2weeks with no interruptions we made it to class and I was running a lil late because I needed time to set up…she came into the class trying to start and I’m like What the fuck ever(this is all in my mind by the way) I dunno what your trying to do because you don’t know anything that I have planned, nor do you know what I have based my lesson plans around because you were to busy taking care of your health issues…I once again brush my right shoulder because I got this– and she aint takin my Mutha fucken glory. I continued about my business because with little kiddies you have to be over prepared because anything can happen, you can’t control whether the kids are going to hate what you have planned or LOVE what you have planned. I don’t have the Korean language to fall back on to keep them motivated, unlike the Korean teachers they can have the most boring lesson ever but because its taught in Korean they can command their attention by just that.

I’m finally ready and I begin my lesson, I won’t even get into how my co-teacher doesn’t understand the book and what a review means….I did a review with the kids and she of course came around with her (hater #3) tactics and began fussing at me about how hard I was being, and how I need to be more basic. BITCH there aint shit basic about English, HI, HELLO, HOW ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, AND HOW OLD ARE IS AS ABOUT AS BASIC AS IT GETS AND THATS WHAT THE FUCK I WAS DOING, BUT HER ASS DONT KNOW THAT BECAUSE SHE DOESNT KNOW ENGLISH HERSELF…….she then goes on blabbing about how she was planning on teaching some of the things I was covering. I just began to ignore her ass because in my mind she already struck out and was beginning to reach the point of a HaBITCHual full-time hater….It took me awhile to understand but it finally made sense they expect me to be lazy, they think because I’m a foreigner and I’m from the US that I don’t work and that i’m just here to collect a check…WRONG.. they also think because they have had issues with other foreigners in the past then that meant I would too follow in those footsteps…well you FUCKEN ASSHOLES..all foreigners are not lazy I’m also not a drunk white man that smoke cigarettes all day, and complains about how their school system is garbage here(i say that just not to their faces)unlike your past English teachers ..I’m simply Monique and I am here to prove that I can teach, and that I do take this job as serious all the other jobs I have had in my life…with the mystery solved it was easy to see my co-teacher is jealous an envious(she constantly tells me how she is, but always gives me some explanation that doesn’t makes sense as to why) she kept interrupting me but I made sure to stare her down like a prey would in the wild just to let the her know this is not your territory not even close…so step the fuck back!!

I let my co-teacher know she can teach her winter camp classes however she wants but mine are to be ran the way I see fit…during the school year you control the curriculum but not this time you gave me full reign and I created an outline that I know the kids will like…she surrendered and even said she wouldn’t come to my classes because she knew she was a distraction..I told her NO it’s ok you can still attend I don’t mind REALLY I don’t (in reality I don’t give a damn if she’s there or not because she needs to see how English is taught from a native of the language, its not Korean)she loved hearing that, I don’t know why she likes being in my classes. Anyways for the first week I facilitated and lesson planned and constructed fun-filled activities the kids loved, they loved the classes in my opinion because they liked the money concept and they liked that they could buy prizes depending on how much money they had earned…I let them control their destiny I was just there to facilitate the language. I even made them do role-playing, I was quite excited to see them read scripts that I had made up of course ol hater came sniffing about giving me her two cents about how HARD and challenging it was….ok I said smiling….that wasn’t going to stop them from doing the assignment because she said it was too hard (i rolled my eyes once she left, this is why the kids don’t learn English in my opinion because they are never challenged they give them easy shit that kids in America have mastered by Kindergarten) and guess what??? Each kid did the assignment and each kid smiled as they returned to their seat. The co-teacher popped her head in to see the progress and smiled as well….I brushed both shoulders off like I know what the fuck I’m doing…you don’t know me homie!!!!

The second week of winter camp she taught like 6 of the classes, I wasn’t trippin but I was angered that she was able to have more of the easy fun stuff like– she let them watch movies (that’s not teaching), she did face painting to have them learn animals, and then they had a snack day where she taught them foods and they got to eat WTF?!?! that sounds like sabotage to get them to like her more…please speak on this in the comment section if maybe I’m getting the shit end of the stick….

Anyways the two weeks ended and I did my job, actually teaching English. I couldn’t be anymore happier and now I got some better ideas as to what motivates these kids because that’s half the battle.


(L) Han Gee Hee one of my smartest students

My level II winter camp class

My fearless boys

(L) Jyun Very smart outgoing love him(M) Daniel he always tries (R) cant remember his name right now but hes mad cool but quiet

(L) Carol (R) Dorsee *she just changed her name after this prezzo* they took fucken forever but at least they did it


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