IT’s My VACAY YO!!!!!

YES it is my winter vacation I get a break from these bebez for 2 whole weeks….some of you are like already a vacations YESSSSS…one thing about teaching over seas is you can only take you scheduled vacation when the kids are out so by contract(GEPIK) we or shall I say muah and I am scheduled for 20days total not including the weekends so I have to take 10days for winter break and 10days for summer break…I get to do whatever I want but since I just recently got here i’m still stacking up my guap and I thought this would be a good time to sightsee around Korea!!!!(before I completely X  it from my recommended list of places to visit)

So the next couple of post will be from my time while on vacation and the things  I was able to see then I’m back on track folks!!!!!!

My vacation last year in Egypt!!! Nothing has come close to this vacay


*This is one of my happiest moments in life for so many reasons first off this is a picture of the most powerful kings and queens that once ruled Egypt; King Ramses, King Horus, Queen Isis. The picture was taken at the right timing so that no one was in my shot to capture this greatness, and you can see the YOGA really has paid off– look at those arms baby!!!! lolz

speak on it if you must…..


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