Happy New Years!

What can I say…well I had to work on New Years Eve and I was not in the mood for doing anything all day until I stumbled upon this picture while blog surfing

*from necole bitchie website*

*from necole bitchie website*

It was non other than the “I dont give a fuck what chu think!” -Solange. She was Djing at sum club and her outfit instantly reminded me of how badly I wanted to put together a funky little number and party!!!  

Still undecided….. it wasnt until I actually started putting on my dress, tights, and make-up that I knew I was heading to Daegu (which is like 2.5 hours away plus I have to take an express train to this FAR out the way city)  

my make-up is lookin right

Feelin the eyebrows and the pre-drinks

two tights on for warmth and effects

How am I lookin Hammy?

Anyways I just barely made to say happy new year!!! I met some awesome people and the gentleman that threw the party went to Morehouse (yes my rivalry Alumni but its all love this far away from the ATL) hes the reason I ended up going out or else hell NAW I was ok with sipping bubbly in the bed by myself .  

11:44pm!! Hurry the hell up taxi man

 So I made it just in time to say happy NEW YEAR 2010 baby!!!!! Check out my night….one of Jeans (my Morehouse buddy) friends took me bar hopping so we visited like 5 places—-  



(L) freind (R) Jean he had a champange shower

Yes thats a random dick at the bar!! lolz

chilly chill


I loved him..we were like instant best buds..he would twirl me around and then we would gossip some more

(L) the DJ & his freinds...I was boo'd up with the DJ towards the end of the night I dont know why that happened!?!

I did not make any new years resolutions I stopped doing that years ago when I realized I usually complete everything I say i’m going to do. Furthermore i’m living out my most wildest dreams as we speak, I never hesitate to do what I think I want to do because i’m not one to keep sayin “I wish I woulda..I shoulda…or I coulda. No I just imagine it put a plan and in motion and keep it moving….I will continue to do so until someone can stop me to slow down to enjoy the “love” side of things!!!

Enjoy dont be afraid to leave comments I do check my site, for feedback or just words from others


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