Winter in South Korea

So before I came out here I was told I would probably freeze to death and that I would probably not last long because my body wouldn’t be able to handle such harsh cold weather and on and on and on the haters kept yapping….

Well to the losers that kept talking all that mess I have been just fine in the winter, so legend has it this Winter has been one of the worst winters South Korea has ever seen since 100years ago!!! Even my superintendent said that he’s never seen it this bad before…he even smirked and said “I think South Korea wanted to welcome you with the terrible terrible, cold weather this year. It is very COLD ooooooooo” I told him I must have brought the bad weather with me!!! I didnt mind, it was my first time in the snow and I loved every moment of it — that is minus the busting my ass in the snow one day after getting off the bus!!!

It was a travesty and one that became very hilarious to me moments after it happened. The bus driver stopped the bus a little bit sooner then where the bus stop is, and for whatever reason most of the streets are blocked with a metal barrage that forces you to walk around the whole thing until you can get back on to the sidewalk…well noble me decided to run to the cross walk seeing how I was running a little late for class. Well right before I caught the sidewalk I slid on some ice and tripped, the result was me sliding on the ice then my feet flew in the air my knee/hip/ass fell on the ice!!! oooo thats going to hurt later I mumbled.. I then held my head down in embarrassment because I didnt want to see who had seen my accident let alone if they were laughing…I quickly hopped up and kept running to class still with my head down, I then began to laugh at myself because I am so clumsy..

Well here are some pics i’ve taken around town of the snow fall..we got dumped on twice and the weather teetered from 15 degrees all the way to -1 degrees since December…i’ve mastered the technique of layer ing clothes and my American Eagle winter boots have been a savior for me.

Snow days at school

School never gets cancelled

And it just keeps pouring

A walk through the park

Cars still drive just as crazy as ever!

The train station is always the safest bet when travelling out here


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