A failed attempt to Namdaemun

So Namdaemun is a very popular destination for many Koreans and foreigners because it is one of the hugest markets in the city. They sell things ranging from clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, luggage, souvenirs etc etc.. well I wanted to check the place out to see if i could hustle and make some bargains on some things i’ve been needing, I was all excited when I first approached the gate, I took pics

Everything was going wonderful until not even 5mins from me re-surfacing from the subway it begins to lightly snow…no big deal its been lightly snowing since november….duh duh duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh out of nowhere the light snow turns into heavy snowing…still no big deal ‘m ok i’m built for this, I decided to pop my head in this quick convenient store to pick up toys for hammy(stores usually dont sell pet toys so I was elated this one did!) well 10mins later the snow was outta control this is what it looked like 15mins after I arrived in Namdaemun…

Just my luck

Well I still let the snow deter me I was determined to find gifts for my family members, but the snow had other plans. It turns out the vendors were not prepared for the snow either so MOST of them closed up shop 😦 I decided I was outnumbered this time around but I will return once the snow has vacated the premises.


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