Christmas in South Korea

Christmas in South Korea happened with lightening speed!! It was good for me because that meant less of me dealing with the fact that I was not at home with my family and close beloved friends. With that being said thank the heavens for Skype. I was able to talk to all of my immediate family members who were all under one roof (for the Coke family it’s a mission). It was funny because they all kept passing the laptop around from one person to the next…when one didn’t want to answer a question they would be like “ooooo gotta go and pass it off” lol. Since it was Christmas eve in the states they were all getting dressed for our famous Christmas eve tradition—going to Mona’s house. At her house we pig out on dinner and wine while mingling and catching up with everyone we haven’t seen for the year. I missed out on the shrimp my favorite and her homemade cornbread and greens….ooohhhh well s their s always next year. I’ve enclosed some pictures from past dinners we’ve shared at the house…

Throwback moment '08

Christmas '08

Christmas '08

After skyping my family for like 4hours and doping up on TLC!! I couldn’t help but feel I was right there with them. I then Skype’d my best friends Eboni and Tanesha. We did the conference call and that was a treat, I’ve known these two ladies for 8years now and we have loved each other, WWIII’d each other, and been there for the good the bad and the ugly…true friends of mine, and I’m delighted they have kept me as close as I have kept them. Anyways after speaking to them it definitely sealed my day—nothing could ruin this day!!! I was then interrupted by my family who had Skype’d me from Mona’s house!! I got the opportunity to say Wad up!! to everyone and thank the lord I was not there because I was able to bypass some drama…no need to even speak on it here. I said my goodbyes to them and then chatted it up with my besties again, while speaking to them I began to get ready for my Christmas dinner/meet-up.

The Three Musketeers

I headed out after saying goodbye to them , Itaewon was my destination and it was the usual weather we had been having BRICK translation = 9 degrees. Anyways it takes about an hour and 15mins to get there by train and I was meeting up with Keovonne and her friends at the “Flying Pan” she had put together a meet up of her friend’s i.e. her other expats that teach at the school she works at. I felt very out of place because they all knew each other and they were actually quite snobby, you know the type where they only talk to who they know….I tried fitting in…I listened, I smiled, I commented, I asked questions but NO, No budging WTF ever I don’t have time for that so moving on I drank, I had three glasses of mimosas to pass the time (I didn’t want to be rude and get up and leave after I ate). Some of their other friends came to join the dinner they were very late but I gained a buddy and we chopped it up. For dinner I had apple sliced French toast it was very yummy but I wasn’t full so I also ordered potato wedges. Yea I know it doesn’t mesh but whatevs, it began to snow outside and I had my first white Christmas. After dinner some of the people parted ways and went home I decided to stick around and join them at this hippie bar called “WoodStock” I only went so I could go get a couple more drinks so I could forget about this day already…it worked and we capped the night off with the longest game of pool both the teams sucked but we won!!!! Of course I made the winning shots. They ended up going to another spot and I went home. Merry Christmas and goodnight…..goodridens.

Heading out to Itaewon

Dinner with folks I dont know

French toast!! Yummy


@ Woodstock

After hours

The band setting up



My partner

before the winning shot!


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