My meetup with Jane and Restuarants

So I am almost caught up on all my post’s I’m soo excited for that….trust me there was a point I wanted to scrap this whole idea and just forget about it but reading All my daily blogs kept me encouraged to continue so woooohooo for that. Once I catch up I can post daily and start including other ideas, and future plans.

So here goes…after running into the mariachi band I met up with Jane you remember her she debut in my orientation post!!! Anyways we met up for some much needed updates, venting, and plans. I like Jane she’s a very cool chick, she’s smart, honest, blunt, and very objective ALL the makings of a good friend for me 🙂 We met up at Seoul Station but ended up heading into Myeong-dong.

It's Jane!

Myeong-dong is a schmorgesbourg of stores it’s the largest shopping maven in South Korea and where theirs shopping theirs lots of restaurants to choose from….now since I eat Korean food Monday-Friday thanks to my school!!! I like to eat other foods if I can on the weekends….my taste buds need a break from so much damn Kimchi (I will later write about the mythology of Kimchi)

We ate at Mr.Pizza and had the Hawaiian my fav (pineapple & Ham mmmmm YUM) I cant believe after living here for a month and a half (12-20-09) I eat so much now DAAAAAMMMMMMnnnn Son I nearly ate the whole pie….well with Jane we left like one piece. We got into some real deep convos something like; race, sensitivity, Philippines, California, Atlanta, Tyler Perry, Oprah, China, Africa, South Korea, The true meaning of culture… etc… etc… and that was just restaurant 1

Very cottagey feel

We then hoped over to Homestead where Jane bought a “Monkey Pie” I ordered nothing but water mainly cuz I was about to pop and I had already over ate at Mr. Pizza. But as Jane says “Us Asians can eat, if you put food in our faces were going to eat it”

Monkey Pie

We talked until our Brains were about to explode and the street lights were popping up (no street lights but you get the idea) We have a lot in common TOO much actually lol so we both love FASHION so we decided to pop are heads in a few shops but she detested buying anything because she was headed for China for X-mas!!!! That lucky Beazy!!!! I can leave for x-mas mainly because I just got out here and I have no money for big pimpin trips but mainly because I’m still adjusting to my new life!!!!

The tables were HUGE

Anyang he ke se yo!

Happy Holidays



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