Mexicans are everywhere!!!

So now that I caught your attention, the day I went to meet up with Jane I was at Seoul Station when I suddenly heard the sounds of trumpets, guitars, banjos, drums and etc…..Do I hear sounds from my fellow California neighbors????? No it couldn’t be…this is a joke…it must be someone playing a stereo!!!! NO its an actual mariachi band minus the cute uniforms but they did have on ponchos (it was waaaaayyyy to cold for the outfits) OMFG!!!! I stand firm in my theory that Mexicans will one day over-populate all races.

So if you are of mexican decent and you are thinking about teaching abroad in South Korea feel trusted and assured your race is accounted for in South Korea. I know that it was one of my concerns being black, I needed to know there was a community out here for me reach out to for personal needs if push came to shove!!! Thankfully I found one on the Facebook community called the: Brothers and Sisters of South Korea it has truly helped me with things like hair care products to sightseeing suggestions. Well on that note I leave you with some other pics I snapped of the prideful band!!! (BTW I dont know why but Koreans love the word Ole’ and cha cha cha! So the crowd was definitely digging them and their talents!!! I know I was)


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