Meetings and Greetings

So my co-teacher told me while travelling to school today that we would be going out after school to celebrate. I was caught off guard because I didn’t know what the occasion was, she told me the principal, the vice principal, the superintendent, the CFO, and all the other teachers and staff would be going out to celebrate my arrival here in South Korea. I should have been excited but I was worried, I had met the principal already but it was brief and it wasnt in a laid back kinda atmosphere….she would tell me the day that we were inteded to go I was dressed less then stellar and looking like a bum. In South Korea LOOKS are everything, and I dont think you get what I mean looking beautiful for certain Koreans is like a full time job in itself. (thank god I still had some make-up in my bag from going out the weekend before) She laughed at me and said I looked fine but that was easy for her to say she was dressed decent, she told me not to worry and to not be nervous the principal was a very nice man!

Ji Young and I

Well we get there and I immediately run to the bathroom to freshen up, I get back and were playing musical chairs deciding where I should sit. They wanted me near the principal but near my co-teacher so she could translate…..*panting really hard* well my principal enters the room and we all stand and bow and greet him with korean hellos…..he sits near me and gives me a bow…OMG!!! I know you guys are like what the hell hes only a principal, but out here principles are like gods and you dont want to upset them or EVER disrespect them!!! We sit and start the beginning of a wonderful friendship!!! I absolutely LOVE my principal hes nothing like the horror stories I have heard of others…hes actually quite handsome and very charming, my co-teachers is telling me how hes been very worried about me and wondering how my transition has been, hes worried because he knows I came alone and I am very far from home but that I can feel comfortable with them because their like family here! I assured them that I was fine and that Ji young Kim was helping with my transition and problems. He tells Ji Young Kim to tell me that I am very pretty and I am very beautiful….I instantly get shy as I am still in shock that Koreans can see beyond color lines and appreciate true beauty as god intended(I will write about my experiences of being a black women here in Korea later….) I immediately tell him hes a very handsome man himself and that he is professional physically, and socially…he loved hearing that!!!!(guess this schmoozing thing in different cultural settings isn’t to hard after all)

(R) My Principal (L) VP, Superintendent

We began toasting and drinking to Soju!!!!!! Soju is sort of equivalent to Sake but it has kimchi in it!!! they love them some kimchi LOL, the principal poured me my first glass and I took it straight to the head, then as a respect you must pour him another glass out of the cup you just drank out of…and back and forth. They were quite impressed with my abilities to take the drink to the head….so was I, I’m not into shots but special occasions like these you gotta see monkey do!

My Favorite is my vice principal I lOVE this man he is so eccentric he tells the best stories all though I cant understand him his voice and tones plus his facial expressions let me know he is a regular jokester. All his peers look, and listen to him with such enthusiasm, I know hes a story teller at heart lol.

me and the VP chillin luv this man

Oh yessss another, Cheers!

We all got FUCKED UP I cant tell you how many Soju bottles we ran thru…I know I remember seeing hella green bottles and just so you know koreans can drink the alcohol content in one of these babies is 19.5%….suprisingly I barely passed tipsy(I had like 7 shots which is a record!!) but I believe it was because of such a heavy dinner and I ATE a LOT of food THAT and they damn near force you to eat till you feel your about to pop right open!!!!! well enjoy the pics we had a ball

(L) First grade teacher (R) Second grade teacher

me, 6th grade teacher, 5th grade teacher

(L) 3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher

the rest of the staff

Liquor is in the system

(L) global player nickname, piglet, Kindy teacher Hue

They kept going

alexandra had one too many drinks, but dont worry shes not done yet

And she's back!!!!

Afterwards we went to a coffee shop to wind down from all the Soju action.

No coffee for me

and pose

Shes a riot I tell you.


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