GEPIK Orientation

Ole! the dopest host in this world...he was kinda fly too

Well I wont spend too much time on this post…why because it was a big waist of time…GEPIK orientation was from November 30-December 2nd and I dunno why but there were a lot of foreigners looking to get laid and tryna party like we were the cast from MTV real world not my idea of fun. The girl that I travelled with we had gotten there mad late(She was lost like me at the bus stop) and ended up taking a taxi from Osan train station to the orientaion which was waaaaaayyyyy the hell out in the middle of a forest.

Anyways here were the Pros:

Learning new resources and classroom tools
Understanding Korean culture a bit better
Meeting some dope people
Mask making
Getting a quick Break from school
Cable in my room
Having a Roomate(it was like college all over again)
Going on a random Soju run to the store and convincing the guard to let us go(what are we in jail)

Too many people drunk
Horrible food (I barely ate)
No Wifi in the room
Bad English speaking for English Natives, I was lost a lot of the time
LOOOOONG Classes that didnt teach shit(except 3)

Then we went home and I was happy for that.

A dance competition?!? why I dunno

Dropping mask making knowledge

Mask Making Time!!

The end result, they only gave us an hour! WTF?!?

The more artistic people made sure to sign up for this class

Some random ass drinking game

My peeps...

Drunk n friends

After the best rapper debate

Our Ansan click with our leader Ary

The worst Prezzo ever NO one was listening lolz

running away from orientation

in the middle of freaking NO WHERE

Meet Jane...!!The beginning of a new freindship!!! lolz

were leaving and were never coming back

Destination Soju run! A success!


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