My first week of school and a birthday the following week

This is my School!

So my first week at school was a blur, it all happened so fast. I can’t quite tell you what happened, I do remember being poked a lot, touched a lot, stared at a lot, and oh yea crowded around like I was a celebrity (this must be how Beyonce feels like lol) I liked the attention at first but then I suddenly got over it when they continued to grab my attention even as I was trying to eat(damn paparazzi) lol overall it was a blast I couldn’t complain!!!! All in one week I grasped how class was run, I noticed which students were the happy ones, the outgoing ones, the mean ones, the grumpy ones, the shy ones and the social outcasts.

Welcome to my new school

Hi teacher Monique

I also had to get used to something I had never witnessed in American schools before which was discipline…did I just see my teacher punch one of my students?? Holy shit I did!!!! At first I gawked in my mind, then I snapped out of it and suddenly remembered my days of getting my ass whooped ( I know a lot of you are like yea that was your parents not some teacher, but you NEED to understand these kids barely see their parents. Schools are their mom and dad, especially when they spend at times 11+ hours here a day) I like dicipline in the classroom, some of these kids are bad as hell and I always laugh when they get in trouble dont ask me…… its been a horrible pleasure of mine for a while now before I came out here.

The worst part of my week was having to learn their names,WTF did you just say…???can you repeat that…???and I’m just not gonna learn your names was some of the thoughts that trailed my mind. I fell in love with the kids instantly some faster than others for whatever reason just FYI…I don’t normally like little kids. My reason being is because their filled with germs and disease’s that I particularly dont have time for (i’m a germaphobe) but I am a lover and their just so cute and fun (some of them not all). It has been a very hard transition they know 0-zero english and I forsee this being a MAJOR problem.

As for my birhday November 24th, all the classes I had today 3rd, 2nd and kindy all sang happy birthday to me that was a bit of a shock I didnt expect that…they sang in English just in case you were wondering. Aslo you will see in one of my pics my candle says i was 26 well actually i turned 25 but in Korea they count your age from conception so your actually a year older then the actual date…..hmmmmm me no likey that. but I still had fun non the less. I ended up spending my birthday going to Jundang a neighborhood next to mine, I had sushi ahem…I mean rolls at my favorite spot Mare Mare. Then I went shopping and bought some clothes!!! I later got lost trying to find my way home(so fitting for me) finally got home 2hrs later, and guzzled down a Corona and went to bed Happy Freakin

I put my hat to the side and they kept trying to fix it lolz

one of my favorite classes 3rd grade!! Thier the shit

My very well mannered 2nd grade class!!

My kindy class...awwww

The girl in the purple is such a heartbreaker

My teachers class! They got me cake


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