My Birthday Weekend in Itaewon.

So I havent been out partying yet, but I decided I waited long enough and what better weekend then my birthday to go out!! So I met a friend name Keovonne and she was down to let off some steam with me. I had met her at an event and she was mad cool shes been in South Korea for 7months now so she definitely let me know the ins and outs about this interesting country!!

Keovonne and I FYI i'm in the process of getting my hair on her level

I hadnt ate yet so we enjoyed dinner at this low key italian restaurant in itaewon called “Trattoria Cucina Acca” this was the only restaurant open that was still serving food…dont ask me why but MOST restaurants STOP serving food at 10:30-11:00pm WTF who does that….anyways the owner Sang-Soo Han hooked us up, I guess you could say two pretty black girls can have some luck out here!!! He sent over a free glass of wine for me and we enjoyed some muscles on the house heeeeyyyy now thats what i’m talkin about.

chillin with the owner

I only ordered spaghetti with meat sauce, and Keovonne ordered wine with the BEST tiramisu EVER!! Mind you I hate Tiramisu…I think its nasty and on top of that it tastes like coffee to me– and I hate coffee but this one was made just perfect. The night was starting out just right.

We then hit up this club we had the hardest time finding “the park” the event was held by this group so it was just all bad… anyways we found it and it was like I was back in ATL, WoW is all I kept saying. Well the main reason I wanted to go was because the DJ was from ATL and I was in need of some music to heal my travelling woes….well I had a freaking blast and Keovonne sure was a party girl at heart we ended up shutting that party down.

He had on a white suit and was so serious about it!!

We then headed over to the next city called Hongdae..Hongdae is a college town so it stays open 24hrs and that meant more partying…whatever to me I was down..we met this gentleman that was hella cool and since he was in the service and past his curfew he was cool with chillin with us for the night ( he was feeling keo extra hard lol)one quick cab ride later and we were drivers, drive mad crazy and psychotic but whatever I gladly hoped out and cheesed because I was like wooohooo we went to the next spot which was the most hood club I had been to in a while I seriously felt like I was at club crucial in ATL lol oooooo heellll no I first said I was waaaayy to dressed up for this spot…i later left my judgments at the door and said what the hell at least I can catch the train after this (fyi the trains stop running at midnight and pick back up at 5:20am so if you stay out you have to catch a taxi or stay up till the trains open again) Well a fight ended up breaking out and I truly felt like I was back at my club NV days in college, the only thing I was happy to see is that it was two korean girls actin an ass not the black chick that I thought I saw up in the mix, the night ended well and I even met a cutie, that was what I call a birthday bash weekend!!!!


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