Wait this doesnt look like my Apartment….

So as I read from many other blogs people said after they got picked up from the airport they were then chauffeured to their new digs…duh duh duhhhhhhhh. Not me, the man took me to the school I would be teaching at Ansandaewol. I was quite nervous because quite frankly I was whooped and I wasnt in the mood for talking and schmooooozing…just rememeber I was up for 23hours by now…..oh well instantly I was greeted by my co-teacher Ji Young Kim (it took me a minute to remember that BTW) and my superintendent of the school. He’s a very handsome/boyishly looking man, very petite. We unpacked all my suitcases and transferred them into his car, I thought we were leaving then—-NOPE!!! Surprise we want to show you the school and talk to you about the contract while we sip some tea…well I guess I could go for some tea at this point. Ji young whisk me up the stairs of the school where she had me put hammy and my jacket, she showed me my classroom, I was so elated to see they made me a welcome sign with balloons….oooooo I feel so welcome!!!!

Then we went back to the lounge where we discussed business..The superintendent is so charming when he speaks English; he always squints his eyes, and puts his finger near his mouth as though he is in very deep thought…..I sit and sip my tea as I wait for him to gather his thoughts in between sentences. I finally got my taste of how little the English is between us….im pretty patient SO I keep telling myself….i deciphered meetings everyday that I must attend, the kids know very little English, you will teach 4-5 classes a day 40minutes long, you may write lesson plans, but teach how you like blah blah blah….I kept looking, and smiling wondering…. when I would go home…finally after an hour of talking they said lets go!!!!!! Yes sir, I copy that.


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