I got the keys to the spot!!!

They finally took me home but not before stopping at “Paris Baguette” a very famous bakery in South Korea that makes many delicacies.. It was ji young’s mother’s birthday (now I feel really bad) and she wanted to buy her mom her favorite cake which was cheesecake.

After 15minutes we arrived at my new humble a bode…I was scared I didn’t want it to be some run down smelly hole in the wall(LMAO I’m being extra) before we walked in Ji Young says “oh your first to live here, this place is brand new and we have you on the top floor.” (whoop whoop)

) I walked in and was thankful it was big(big enough for me and hammy that is) hammy finally was free and walked around surveying the place and smelling everything, they brought up my bags and I bid farewell to the superintendent. As for Ji young she had plans for me…..she wanted to make sure I was comfortable she showed me how to use the heater and to turn on the hot water she showed me the washer (no dryer everything is air dried-simple) the microwave and the gas stove—I know your thinking why is she showing you all this stuff—well because its all in Korean lol she then asked “what else you need?”….I looked around the room. There was a bed, a desk, a desk chair, and a refrigerator . ummm well I have sheets that I brought with me (thank god me and moms went to Ikea) so I need a pillow to sleep on, toilet paper, trash can, and food definitely food to put in the fridge since its Friday night….i’ll keep it short but they took me to the MOST expensive store out here LOTTE mart and we bought stuff for the Apt… I spent waaaayyyy to much money(it was my allowance money from the school) and way too much time we were there for 2and a half hours it was now 11:50pm by the time we got home…..WTF!!! I been up for more than 24hours now so I was buying things I knew I could have waited on like dishwashing gloves….and nasty ass Korean chips I aint never heard of etc… I told them to go home and celebrate their mom’s birthday!!! They said they would return on Sunday to put together my closet I shooed them out and said my thank yous….as soon as they left I said out loud “Holy Shit I’m in Fucken Korea dude” I took a shower and went to bed heres a glimpse of my room.

Very bare


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