We Made it!!!

As soon as I landed it was a whirlwhind of uncertainties, doubt and oh yeah long lines for customs…since I had hammy with me I knew this would be a process in itself. I had to fill out one of those declaration forms, you state your intent of you visit, what you brought along in you suitcase and how long you plan to be in the country—all very basic. After I stood in line for about 15mins the immigration clerk stamp up my passport and directed me to the pet inspection.

I had all my paperwork in my folder and in order like I was a business woman on a mission. The lady asked a couple questions and photocopied a couple things and then took a picture of hammy as though he was a convict on the run…that was weird the picture she took had her holding some sort of vaccine to his neck but she didn’t apply nothing…mmmmmm strange but I didn’t bother to ask no questions I just wanted to get going…she cleared us and said cute dog and me and hammy were on our way!!

As we walked out the customs gate I saw my signage that had my name and welcome!!!! I always wanted one of these it was great I walked up to the gentleman and he said welcome, he took my cart of suitcases and began to whisk me away to the car…I was so intrigued by the airport I wanted to take pictures so as he was practically zooming through the lobby I was trying to take pictures.
He turned his head, smiled, and said do you want picture? Oh yes thank you

Koreans have a much appreciation for vegetation so there was an abundance of plants up and down the lobby of the airport I thought that it was so gorgeous!!!

Well we continued trekking it back to the van, the gentleman told me to bundle up its cold out!!! I was hot maybe because all of the excitement but I did just in case. Next stop My apartment or so i thought……


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