IT’s My VACAY YO!!!!!

YES it is my winter vacation I get a break from these bebez for 2 whole weeks….some of you are like already a vacations YESSSSS…one thing about teaching over seas is you can only take you scheduled vacation when the kids are out so by contract(GEPIK) we or shall I say muah and I am scheduled for 20days total not including the weekends so I have to take 10days for winter break and 10days for summer break…I get to do whatever I want but since I just recently got here i’m still stacking up my guap and I thought this would be a good time to sightsee around Korea!!!!(before I completely X  it from my recommended list of places to visit)

So the next couple of post will be from my time while on vacation and the things  I was able to see then I’m back on track folks!!!!!!

My vacation last year in Egypt!!! Nothing has come close to this vacay


*This is one of my happiest moments in life for so many reasons first off this is a picture of the most powerful kings and queens that once ruled Egypt; King Ramses, King Horus, Queen Isis. The picture was taken at the right timing so that no one was in my shot to capture this greatness, and you can see the YOGA really has paid off– look at those arms baby!!!! lolz

speak on it if you must…..



So all schools have what is called winter camp, winter camp is just a fancy word for MORE school. It is a time when kids go to class but specifically to learn to English only. This is a better opportunity for the kids to build upon their English skills because during the normal school year they have class for only 40mins and sometimes just once a week….YEA that’s not the way to learn any language and English at that. I was quite excited because I would be able to have the classroom to myself NO co-teachers lingering around trying to translate every single word that comes outta my mouth, and especially NO kids looking to the co-teacher to answer the questions for the kiddies’ pure, raw communication at its best!!! I dug into my creative juices that I been dying to use since I got out here and went to work; I was going to have this be a memorable experience for the kids that they had yet experienced in my “normal” English classes

Of course my co-teacher told me to do whatever I wanted and that I had freedom to plan how I liked, she always says those things but I don’t think she really means it at times..I sometimes think my main co-teacher is a hater but I will explain why later, so a couple of days before my winter camp my co-teacher was out sick and so I had no way of knowing where the classes were going to be held or which kids were coming or treats I would be supplied with hell I wasn’t even given a list of materials I could maybe work with…I will get into how the Korean school systems and their administration have no common sense in another post. So the day before I went to the store to purchase some candy(these kids are like horses when you dangle a carrot in front of one) prizes I planned to use fake money to keep them participating in my class(these kids have MAJOR failure issues) so Monday morning I wake up bright and early to get to school on time, I look out the window and we got majorly dumped on by a snow storm….aggggghhhh this is going to be very hard to carry all of my things with snow calf length high….I end up running into my co-teacher at the bus stop and she looks at the things in my hand and says “ooooooo you bought all those things” I said yea, she then says “ooooo I bought many things for the kids too” she made this face like she was angry that I had done that(hater move #1) you weren’t around so I decided to take matters into my own hand I reply “oooooooooooo-she then looks away in disappointment like I shouldn’t have done that(hater move #2) I brushed my shoulder off and realized we had been standing at the bus stop for awhile and I told her I think i’m going to walk the rest of the way to school because it was already 8:55am and class was going to begin at 9:10am, she says oh yea that’s a good idea and begins to follow me…the snow is very thick and hard to walk through but I was determined to have a perfect 2weeks with no interruptions we made it to class and I was running a lil late because I needed time to set up…she came into the class trying to start and I’m like What the fuck ever(this is all in my mind by the way) I dunno what your trying to do because you don’t know anything that I have planned, nor do you know what I have based my lesson plans around because you were to busy taking care of your health issues…I once again brush my right shoulder because I got this– and she aint takin my Mutha fucken glory. I continued about my business because with little kiddies you have to be over prepared because anything can happen, you can’t control whether the kids are going to hate what you have planned or LOVE what you have planned. I don’t have the Korean language to fall back on to keep them motivated, unlike the Korean teachers they can have the most boring lesson ever but because its taught in Korean they can command their attention by just that.

I’m finally ready and I begin my lesson, I won’t even get into how my co-teacher doesn’t understand the book and what a review means….I did a review with the kids and she of course came around with her (hater #3) tactics and began fussing at me about how hard I was being, and how I need to be more basic. BITCH there aint shit basic about English, HI, HELLO, HOW ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, AND HOW OLD ARE IS AS ABOUT AS BASIC AS IT GETS AND THATS WHAT THE FUCK I WAS DOING, BUT HER ASS DONT KNOW THAT BECAUSE SHE DOESNT KNOW ENGLISH HERSELF…….she then goes on blabbing about how she was planning on teaching some of the things I was covering. I just began to ignore her ass because in my mind she already struck out and was beginning to reach the point of a HaBITCHual full-time hater….It took me awhile to understand but it finally made sense they expect me to be lazy, they think because I’m a foreigner and I’m from the US that I don’t work and that i’m just here to collect a check…WRONG.. they also think because they have had issues with other foreigners in the past then that meant I would too follow in those footsteps…well you FUCKEN ASSHOLES..all foreigners are not lazy I’m also not a drunk white man that smoke cigarettes all day, and complains about how their school system is garbage here(i say that just not to their faces)unlike your past English teachers ..I’m simply Monique and I am here to prove that I can teach, and that I do take this job as serious all the other jobs I have had in my life…with the mystery solved it was easy to see my co-teacher is jealous an envious(she constantly tells me how she is, but always gives me some explanation that doesn’t makes sense as to why) she kept interrupting me but I made sure to stare her down like a prey would in the wild just to let the her know this is not your territory not even close…so step the fuck back!!

I let my co-teacher know she can teach her winter camp classes however she wants but mine are to be ran the way I see fit…during the school year you control the curriculum but not this time you gave me full reign and I created an outline that I know the kids will like…she surrendered and even said she wouldn’t come to my classes because she knew she was a distraction..I told her NO it’s ok you can still attend I don’t mind REALLY I don’t (in reality I don’t give a damn if she’s there or not because she needs to see how English is taught from a native of the language, its not Korean)she loved hearing that, I don’t know why she likes being in my classes. Anyways for the first week I facilitated and lesson planned and constructed fun-filled activities the kids loved, they loved the classes in my opinion because they liked the money concept and they liked that they could buy prizes depending on how much money they had earned…I let them control their destiny I was just there to facilitate the language. I even made them do role-playing, I was quite excited to see them read scripts that I had made up of course ol hater came sniffing about giving me her two cents about how HARD and challenging it was….ok I said smiling….that wasn’t going to stop them from doing the assignment because she said it was too hard (i rolled my eyes once she left, this is why the kids don’t learn English in my opinion because they are never challenged they give them easy shit that kids in America have mastered by Kindergarten) and guess what??? Each kid did the assignment and each kid smiled as they returned to their seat. The co-teacher popped her head in to see the progress and smiled as well….I brushed both shoulders off like I know what the fuck I’m doing…you don’t know me homie!!!!

The second week of winter camp she taught like 6 of the classes, I wasn’t trippin but I was angered that she was able to have more of the easy fun stuff like– she let them watch movies (that’s not teaching), she did face painting to have them learn animals, and then they had a snack day where she taught them foods and they got to eat WTF?!?! that sounds like sabotage to get them to like her more…please speak on this in the comment section if maybe I’m getting the shit end of the stick….

Anyways the two weeks ended and I did my job, actually teaching English. I couldn’t be anymore happier and now I got some better ideas as to what motivates these kids because that’s half the battle.


(L) Han Gee Hee one of my smartest students

My level II winter camp class

My fearless boys

(L) Jyun Very smart outgoing love him(M) Daniel he always tries (R) cant remember his name right now but hes mad cool but quiet

(L) Carol (R) Dorsee *she just changed her name after this prezzo* they took fucken forever but at least they did it

Happy New Years!

What can I say…well I had to work on New Years Eve and I was not in the mood for doing anything all day until I stumbled upon this picture while blog surfing

*from necole bitchie website*

*from necole bitchie website*

It was non other than the “I dont give a fuck what chu think!” -Solange. She was Djing at sum club and her outfit instantly reminded me of how badly I wanted to put together a funky little number and party!!!  

Still undecided….. it wasnt until I actually started putting on my dress, tights, and make-up that I knew I was heading to Daegu (which is like 2.5 hours away plus I have to take an express train to this FAR out the way city)  

my make-up is lookin right

Feelin the eyebrows and the pre-drinks

two tights on for warmth and effects

How am I lookin Hammy?

Anyways I just barely made to say happy new year!!! I met some awesome people and the gentleman that threw the party went to Morehouse (yes my rivalry Alumni but its all love this far away from the ATL) hes the reason I ended up going out or else hell NAW I was ok with sipping bubbly in the bed by myself .  

11:44pm!! Hurry the hell up taxi man

 So I made it just in time to say happy NEW YEAR 2010 baby!!!!! Check out my night….one of Jeans (my Morehouse buddy) friends took me bar hopping so we visited like 5 places—-  



(L) freind (R) Jean he had a champange shower

Yes thats a random dick at the bar!! lolz

chilly chill


I loved him..we were like instant best buds..he would twirl me around and then we would gossip some more

(L) the DJ & his freinds...I was boo'd up with the DJ towards the end of the night I dont know why that happened!?!

I did not make any new years resolutions I stopped doing that years ago when I realized I usually complete everything I say i’m going to do. Furthermore i’m living out my most wildest dreams as we speak, I never hesitate to do what I think I want to do because i’m not one to keep sayin “I wish I woulda..I shoulda…or I coulda. No I just imagine it put a plan and in motion and keep it moving….I will continue to do so until someone can stop me to slow down to enjoy the “love” side of things!!!

Enjoy dont be afraid to leave comments I do check my site, for feedback or just words from others

Winter in South Korea

So before I came out here I was told I would probably freeze to death and that I would probably not last long because my body wouldn’t be able to handle such harsh cold weather and on and on and on the haters kept yapping….

Well to the losers that kept talking all that mess I have been just fine in the winter, so legend has it this Winter has been one of the worst winters South Korea has ever seen since 100years ago!!! Even my superintendent said that he’s never seen it this bad before…he even smirked and said “I think South Korea wanted to welcome you with the terrible terrible, cold weather this year. It is very COLD ooooooooo” I told him I must have brought the bad weather with me!!! I didnt mind, it was my first time in the snow and I loved every moment of it — that is minus the busting my ass in the snow one day after getting off the bus!!!

It was a travesty and one that became very hilarious to me moments after it happened. The bus driver stopped the bus a little bit sooner then where the bus stop is, and for whatever reason most of the streets are blocked with a metal barrage that forces you to walk around the whole thing until you can get back on to the sidewalk…well noble me decided to run to the cross walk seeing how I was running a little late for class. Well right before I caught the sidewalk I slid on some ice and tripped, the result was me sliding on the ice then my feet flew in the air my knee/hip/ass fell on the ice!!! oooo thats going to hurt later I mumbled.. I then held my head down in embarrassment because I didnt want to see who had seen my accident let alone if they were laughing…I quickly hopped up and kept running to class still with my head down, I then began to laugh at myself because I am so clumsy..

Well here are some pics i’ve taken around town of the snow fall..we got dumped on twice and the weather teetered from 15 degrees all the way to -1 degrees since December…i’ve mastered the technique of layer ing clothes and my American Eagle winter boots have been a savior for me.

Snow days at school

School never gets cancelled

And it just keeps pouring

A walk through the park

Cars still drive just as crazy as ever!

The train station is always the safest bet when travelling out here

A failed attempt to Namdaemun

So Namdaemun is a very popular destination for many Koreans and foreigners because it is one of the hugest markets in the city. They sell things ranging from clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, luggage, souvenirs etc etc.. well I wanted to check the place out to see if i could hustle and make some bargains on some things i’ve been needing, I was all excited when I first approached the gate, I took pics

Everything was going wonderful until not even 5mins from me re-surfacing from the subway it begins to lightly snow…no big deal its been lightly snowing since november….duh duh duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh out of nowhere the light snow turns into heavy snowing…still no big deal ‘m ok i’m built for this, I decided to pop my head in this quick convenient store to pick up toys for hammy(stores usually dont sell pet toys so I was elated this one did!) well 10mins later the snow was outta control this is what it looked like 15mins after I arrived in Namdaemun…

Just my luck

Well I still let the snow deter me I was determined to find gifts for my family members, but the snow had other plans. It turns out the vendors were not prepared for the snow either so MOST of them closed up shop 😦 I decided I was outnumbered this time around but I will return once the snow has vacated the premises.

Christmas in South Korea

Christmas in South Korea happened with lightening speed!! It was good for me because that meant less of me dealing with the fact that I was not at home with my family and close beloved friends. With that being said thank the heavens for Skype. I was able to talk to all of my immediate family members who were all under one roof (for the Coke family it’s a mission). It was funny because they all kept passing the laptop around from one person to the next…when one didn’t want to answer a question they would be like “ooooo gotta go and pass it off” lol. Since it was Christmas eve in the states they were all getting dressed for our famous Christmas eve tradition—going to Mona’s house. At her house we pig out on dinner and wine while mingling and catching up with everyone we haven’t seen for the year. I missed out on the shrimp my favorite and her homemade cornbread and greens….ooohhhh well s their s always next year. I’ve enclosed some pictures from past dinners we’ve shared at the house…

Throwback moment '08

Christmas '08

Christmas '08

After skyping my family for like 4hours and doping up on TLC!! I couldn’t help but feel I was right there with them. I then Skype’d my best friends Eboni and Tanesha. We did the conference call and that was a treat, I’ve known these two ladies for 8years now and we have loved each other, WWIII’d each other, and been there for the good the bad and the ugly…true friends of mine, and I’m delighted they have kept me as close as I have kept them. Anyways after speaking to them it definitely sealed my day—nothing could ruin this day!!! I was then interrupted by my family who had Skype’d me from Mona’s house!! I got the opportunity to say Wad up!! to everyone and thank the lord I was not there because I was able to bypass some drama…no need to even speak on it here. I said my goodbyes to them and then chatted it up with my besties again, while speaking to them I began to get ready for my Christmas dinner/meet-up.

The Three Musketeers

I headed out after saying goodbye to them , Itaewon was my destination and it was the usual weather we had been having BRICK translation = 9 degrees. Anyways it takes about an hour and 15mins to get there by train and I was meeting up with Keovonne and her friends at the “Flying Pan” she had put together a meet up of her friend’s i.e. her other expats that teach at the school she works at. I felt very out of place because they all knew each other and they were actually quite snobby, you know the type where they only talk to who they know….I tried fitting in…I listened, I smiled, I commented, I asked questions but NO, No budging WTF ever I don’t have time for that so moving on I drank, I had three glasses of mimosas to pass the time (I didn’t want to be rude and get up and leave after I ate). Some of their other friends came to join the dinner they were very late but I gained a buddy and we chopped it up. For dinner I had apple sliced French toast it was very yummy but I wasn’t full so I also ordered potato wedges. Yea I know it doesn’t mesh but whatevs, it began to snow outside and I had my first white Christmas. After dinner some of the people parted ways and went home I decided to stick around and join them at this hippie bar called “WoodStock” I only went so I could go get a couple more drinks so I could forget about this day already…it worked and we capped the night off with the longest game of pool both the teams sucked but we won!!!! Of course I made the winning shots. They ended up going to another spot and I went home. Merry Christmas and goodnight…..goodridens.

Heading out to Itaewon

Dinner with folks I dont know

French toast!! Yummy


@ Woodstock

After hours

The band setting up



My partner

before the winning shot!

My meetup with Jane and Restuarants

So I am almost caught up on all my post’s I’m soo excited for that….trust me there was a point I wanted to scrap this whole idea and just forget about it but reading All my daily blogs kept me encouraged to continue so woooohooo for that. Once I catch up I can post daily and start including other ideas, and future plans.

So here goes…after running into the mariachi band I met up with Jane you remember her she debut in my orientation post!!! Anyways we met up for some much needed updates, venting, and plans. I like Jane she’s a very cool chick, she’s smart, honest, blunt, and very objective ALL the makings of a good friend for me 🙂 We met up at Seoul Station but ended up heading into Myeong-dong.

It's Jane!

Myeong-dong is a schmorgesbourg of stores it’s the largest shopping maven in South Korea and where theirs shopping theirs lots of restaurants to choose from….now since I eat Korean food Monday-Friday thanks to my school!!! I like to eat other foods if I can on the weekends….my taste buds need a break from so much damn Kimchi (I will later write about the mythology of Kimchi)

We ate at Mr.Pizza and had the Hawaiian my fav (pineapple & Ham mmmmm YUM) I cant believe after living here for a month and a half (12-20-09) I eat so much now DAAAAAMMMMMMnnnn Son I nearly ate the whole pie….well with Jane we left like one piece. We got into some real deep convos something like; race, sensitivity, Philippines, California, Atlanta, Tyler Perry, Oprah, China, Africa, South Korea, The true meaning of culture… etc… etc… and that was just restaurant 1

Very cottagey feel

We then hoped over to Homestead where Jane bought a “Monkey Pie” I ordered nothing but water mainly cuz I was about to pop and I had already over ate at Mr. Pizza. But as Jane says “Us Asians can eat, if you put food in our faces were going to eat it”

Monkey Pie

We talked until our Brains were about to explode and the street lights were popping up (no street lights but you get the idea) We have a lot in common TOO much actually lol so we both love FASHION so we decided to pop are heads in a few shops but she detested buying anything because she was headed for China for X-mas!!!! That lucky Beazy!!!! I can leave for x-mas mainly because I just got out here and I have no money for big pimpin trips but mainly because I’m still adjusting to my new life!!!!

The tables were HUGE

Anyang he ke se yo!

Happy Holidays


Mexicans are everywhere!!!

So now that I caught your attention, the day I went to meet up with Jane I was at Seoul Station when I suddenly heard the sounds of trumpets, guitars, banjos, drums and etc…..Do I hear sounds from my fellow California neighbors????? No it couldn’t be…this is a joke…it must be someone playing a stereo!!!! NO its an actual mariachi band minus the cute uniforms but they did have on ponchos (it was waaaaayyyy to cold for the outfits) OMFG!!!! I stand firm in my theory that Mexicans will one day over-populate all races.

So if you are of mexican decent and you are thinking about teaching abroad in South Korea feel trusted and assured your race is accounted for in South Korea. I know that it was one of my concerns being black, I needed to know there was a community out here for me reach out to for personal needs if push came to shove!!! Thankfully I found one on the Facebook community called the: Brothers and Sisters of South Korea it has truly helped me with things like hair care products to sightseeing suggestions. Well on that note I leave you with some other pics I snapped of the prideful band!!! (BTW I dont know why but Koreans love the word Ole’ and cha cha cha! So the crowd was definitely digging them and their talents!!! I know I was)

GEPIK Orientation

Ole! the dopest host in this world...he was kinda fly too

Well I wont spend too much time on this post…why because it was a big waist of time…GEPIK orientation was from November 30-December 2nd and I dunno why but there were a lot of foreigners looking to get laid and tryna party like we were the cast from MTV real world not my idea of fun. The girl that I travelled with we had gotten there mad late(She was lost like me at the bus stop) and ended up taking a taxi from Osan train station to the orientaion which was waaaaaayyyyy the hell out in the middle of a forest.

Anyways here were the Pros:

Learning new resources and classroom tools
Understanding Korean culture a bit better
Meeting some dope people
Mask making
Getting a quick Break from school
Cable in my room
Having a Roomate(it was like college all over again)
Going on a random Soju run to the store and convincing the guard to let us go(what are we in jail)

Too many people drunk
Horrible food (I barely ate)
No Wifi in the room
Bad English speaking for English Natives, I was lost a lot of the time
LOOOOONG Classes that didnt teach shit(except 3)

Then we went home and I was happy for that.

A dance competition?!? why I dunno

Dropping mask making knowledge

Mask Making Time!!

The end result, they only gave us an hour! WTF?!?

The more artistic people made sure to sign up for this class

Some random ass drinking game

My peeps...

Drunk n friends

After the best rapper debate

Our Ansan click with our leader Ary

The worst Prezzo ever NO one was listening lolz

running away from orientation

in the middle of freaking NO WHERE

Meet Jane...!!The beginning of a new freindship!!! lolz

were leaving and were never coming back

Destination Soju run! A success!

Meetings and Greetings

So my co-teacher told me while travelling to school today that we would be going out after school to celebrate. I was caught off guard because I didn’t know what the occasion was, she told me the principal, the vice principal, the superintendent, the CFO, and all the other teachers and staff would be going out to celebrate my arrival here in South Korea. I should have been excited but I was worried, I had met the principal already but it was brief and it wasnt in a laid back kinda atmosphere….she would tell me the day that we were inteded to go I was dressed less then stellar and looking like a bum. In South Korea LOOKS are everything, and I dont think you get what I mean looking beautiful for certain Koreans is like a full time job in itself. (thank god I still had some make-up in my bag from going out the weekend before) She laughed at me and said I looked fine but that was easy for her to say she was dressed decent, she told me not to worry and to not be nervous the principal was a very nice man!

Ji Young and I

Well we get there and I immediately run to the bathroom to freshen up, I get back and were playing musical chairs deciding where I should sit. They wanted me near the principal but near my co-teacher so she could translate…..*panting really hard* well my principal enters the room and we all stand and bow and greet him with korean hellos…..he sits near me and gives me a bow…OMG!!! I know you guys are like what the hell hes only a principal, but out here principles are like gods and you dont want to upset them or EVER disrespect them!!! We sit and start the beginning of a wonderful friendship!!! I absolutely LOVE my principal hes nothing like the horror stories I have heard of others…hes actually quite handsome and very charming, my co-teachers is telling me how hes been very worried about me and wondering how my transition has been, hes worried because he knows I came alone and I am very far from home but that I can feel comfortable with them because their like family here! I assured them that I was fine and that Ji young Kim was helping with my transition and problems. He tells Ji Young Kim to tell me that I am very pretty and I am very beautiful….I instantly get shy as I am still in shock that Koreans can see beyond color lines and appreciate true beauty as god intended(I will write about my experiences of being a black women here in Korea later….) I immediately tell him hes a very handsome man himself and that he is professional physically, and socially…he loved hearing that!!!!(guess this schmoozing thing in different cultural settings isn’t to hard after all)

(R) My Principal (L) VP, Superintendent

We began toasting and drinking to Soju!!!!!! Soju is sort of equivalent to Sake but it has kimchi in it!!! they love them some kimchi LOL, the principal poured me my first glass and I took it straight to the head, then as a respect you must pour him another glass out of the cup you just drank out of…and back and forth. They were quite impressed with my abilities to take the drink to the head….so was I, I’m not into shots but special occasions like these you gotta see monkey do!

My Favorite is my vice principal I lOVE this man he is so eccentric he tells the best stories all though I cant understand him his voice and tones plus his facial expressions let me know he is a regular jokester. All his peers look, and listen to him with such enthusiasm, I know hes a story teller at heart lol.

me and the VP chillin luv this man

Oh yessss another, Cheers!

We all got FUCKED UP I cant tell you how many Soju bottles we ran thru…I know I remember seeing hella green bottles and just so you know koreans can drink the alcohol content in one of these babies is 19.5%….suprisingly I barely passed tipsy(I had like 7 shots which is a record!!) but I believe it was because of such a heavy dinner and I ATE a LOT of food THAT and they damn near force you to eat till you feel your about to pop right open!!!!! well enjoy the pics we had a ball

(L) First grade teacher (R) Second grade teacher

me, 6th grade teacher, 5th grade teacher

(L) 3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher

the rest of the staff

Liquor is in the system

(L) global player nickname, piglet, Kindy teacher Hue

They kept going

alexandra had one too many drinks, but dont worry shes not done yet

And she's back!!!!

Afterwards we went to a coffee shop to wind down from all the Soju action.

No coffee for me

and pose

Shes a riot I tell you.