What does one do on a 15hour flight!!

Well I can tell you right now I didnt do much sleeping like I hoped I would..I slept for about an hour after taking off and then I awoke to lots of flight attendants rushing up and down the aisle trying to serve drinks. I ordered a coke for a drink but my coke was spiked heheheheehehe

I am such a simple chick… I thought it was so cool we got our own personal TV with mucho movies to watch in all sorts of languages to choose from…First up Transformers II….WoW was that a boring movie or what how did they manage to mess that up. I’m an avid Shia LeBeouf fan but he couldnt even keep me from falling asleep….I’m still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Anyways I was once again awoken by the flight attendants, this time they came around to serve food…..

…I picked Bibimbap(might as well get used to eating korean style food) which was nasty as hell-I swear airplane food tries its very best to be NASTY. Bibimbap is just a mix of veggies and meat really good in Korea not so much on the plane ecccckkkkkkkk, rice, fruit, soup and tea. I killed the fruit mmmmm

I didnt eat much but the rest of the flight they served more food and other snacks, I just kept drinking lots of liquids I cant take much airplane food before it makes me sick. I ended up watching some other movies but the one that was the best was 500days of summer… very good movie!!!! I cant stand trifling females like her she pissed me off….why did she do him so grimey….

soon this flight will come to an end…hows it hangin hammy..arf arf

BTW: I took him out of the bag and he was chillin sitting right next to me sleeping like a baby


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