The Call…

So it was 11/10/2009 at 9:20pm when I received the call from my recruiter that the school wanted me on a plane ASAP. I was hanging out with my favorite BF/GF (mike & vay) couple when Soon called me….I took the call outside when he announced “Hi Monique, the school would like you to be in Korea ASAP….how about tonight!” my response was “ugggghhhh I think the earliest I can leave is Thursday” mind you I haven’t purchased a ticket, and hadn’t fully packed yet because I didn’t know which airline I would be travelling with. In today’s world, the airline companies be on that bull.. With all the baggage limit rules and the weight rules I didn’t want to drop a whole lot of dough on overcharges (straight ludicrous). Once again I told him I will see what I can do..I was not about to break my neck trying to fly out the next day..that is a bit unrealistic especially for international travel…anyways I decided it would be better to tell him what he wanted to hear versus arguing with the man, I knew in my mind I was leaving Thursday.

Thank god I was already out with the homies because we were already on our way to taco Tuesdays, and tequila shots!!!!! I normally can’t take straight shots but this was a celebration BITCHES!!!!! We headed out and we ate like kings, and queens. It was the perfect night to a perfect ending of a new beginning…(did you catch that)

I love my peoples they been with me from the beginning of this process and they have been VERY supportive and encouraging!!!!!

I will miss my outings and meetups with my dear freind Vay shes a wonderful friend to me!


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