Good Bye San Diego

So I purchased my ticket to depart Thursday morning, my flight leaves at 6 sumthing in the morning which means I will get no sleep. My ticket was a total of $524, I will be departing out of San Diego then flying to LAX, then LAX to Seoul Incheon International airport. I was also charged an extra $200 because of my excess bag…I aint trippin because she didn’t even notice I had hammy with me. I saved $340!!! Why because US Airlines would have charged me $100 for flying the first leg with Hammy and then Asiana Airlines would have charged me $240 for flying that leg of the flight…my flight is expected to be 15hours…I’m not worried or even trippin but I’m more worried about hammy and how he will do on the flight—-oh boy I hope they have good movies on Asiana Airlines. Here goes nothing!!! So my parents dropped me off at the airport and even got out because we had no scale at home to see the weight on my luggage…I fucking hate the airlines their all bullshit…they gave me so much crap about the weight.

I ended up taking out MOST of my things…I like the idea of having minimal –but since Korea is damn near into the winter months, all the stuff that came out of my suitcase was my heavy coats…grrrrr…so my parents agreed to mail it to me via snail mail…oh wellz…next stop LAX…

So I made it to LAX and I feel great!!! I’m ready to get this over with (the flight that is) I think its best I feed hammy then take him on a walk before we take off…i’m so nervous for him hes never flown this long on a plane…

My airplane just pulled up I better go walk hammy before my flight departs in one hour


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