USDA Endorsement

So I figured out the EXACT docs I would need for hammy…let me tell you if your bringing your pet with you make the same kind of arrangments as you would yourself because most countries require certain documentation in order to even have the animal travel on the plane. Google:”pet travel” in order to see what documents the country of your destination requires. Since i’m headed to South Korea they require a health certificate administired by a certified vet… and a Rabies certificate. My vet was able to see hammy the day I called and they examined him and then the vet completed the certifcate(your vet should provide the certifcate) he checked hammy out and everything was A-Ok then I paid $80…

I then drove up to LA(on the same trip as the passport run) and went to La Cienaga Blvd… this is where the nearest USDA is located for me…those of you who dont know, USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. They oversee animals that are imported an exported between the US and your destination country… after 10mins of waiting the gentleman processed my paperwork and then I paid him my $35 and left

aggghhhhh all in a days work!!!!


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