The miss Jessie’s Result

So before I departed I thought it would be a good idea to purchase bed linen, even if the school did provide bed linens for me I don’t believe I would use them…due to hygiene reasons. So my mother and I went to IKEA for bed linens the reason we picked IKEA was because they had a sale on some of their twin comforter sets for $14.99 great deal!!!!!! Since I had my hair twisted up for about 3days now I decided to let the beast out and see what the results looked like!!!!! I love it!! What do you think????

My Mom absolutely loved it when she saw my hair she gave this look and I was worried she hated it but then she told me “I just love how versatile you are with you hair” my dad’s response was the complete opposite he said “your hair looks like trash” LoL I had a good laugh..I said “Dad you don’t like my hair?” he said “No it don’t look good!(in his Jamaican accent) I like when its nice and pressed” I said to my dad in a joking manner “Dad I’m not European, I got that real Nigerian hair…you better love me or leave me alone” lol

Oh wells you can’t please everybody, I can’t wait till my hair grows out from this haircut then it will be more exaggerated with the kinks.


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