What does one do on a 15hour flight!!

Well I can tell you right now I didnt do much sleeping like I hoped I would..I slept for about an hour after taking off and then I awoke to lots of flight attendants rushing up and down the aisle trying to serve drinks. I ordered a coke for a drink but my coke was spiked heheheheehehe

I am such a simple chick… I thought it was so cool we got our own personal TV with mucho movies to watch in all sorts of languages to choose from…First up Transformers II….WoW was that a boring movie or what how did they manage to mess that up. I’m an avid Shia LeBeouf fan but he couldnt even keep me from falling asleep….I’m still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Anyways I was once again awoken by the flight attendants, this time they came around to serve food…..

…I picked Bibimbap(might as well get used to eating korean style food) which was nasty as hell-I swear airplane food tries its very best to be NASTY. Bibimbap is just a mix of veggies and meat really good in Korea not so much on the plane ecccckkkkkkkk, rice, fruit, soup and tea. I killed the fruit mmmmm

I didnt eat much but the rest of the flight they served more food and other snacks, I just kept drinking lots of liquids I cant take much airplane food before it makes me sick. I ended up watching some other movies but the one that was the best was 500days of summer… very good movie!!!! I cant stand trifling females like her she pissed me off….why did she do him so grimey….

soon this flight will come to an end…hows it hangin hammy..arf arf

BTW: I took him out of the bag and he was chillin sitting right next to me sleeping like a baby


Good Bye San Diego

So I purchased my ticket to depart Thursday morning, my flight leaves at 6 sumthing in the morning which means I will get no sleep. My ticket was a total of $524, I will be departing out of San Diego then flying to LAX, then LAX to Seoul Incheon International airport. I was also charged an extra $200 because of my excess bag…I aint trippin because she didn’t even notice I had hammy with me. I saved $340!!! Why because US Airlines would have charged me $100 for flying the first leg with Hammy and then Asiana Airlines would have charged me $240 for flying that leg of the flight…my flight is expected to be 15hours…I’m not worried or even trippin but I’m more worried about hammy and how he will do on the flight—-oh boy I hope they have good movies on Asiana Airlines. Here goes nothing!!! So my parents dropped me off at the airport and even got out because we had no scale at home to see the weight on my luggage…I fucking hate the airlines their all bullshit…they gave me so much crap about the weight.

I ended up taking out MOST of my things…I like the idea of having minimal –but since Korea is damn near into the winter months, all the stuff that came out of my suitcase was my heavy coats…grrrrr…so my parents agreed to mail it to me via snail mail…oh wellz…next stop LAX…

So I made it to LAX and I feel great!!! I’m ready to get this over with (the flight that is) I think its best I feed hammy then take him on a walk before we take off…i’m so nervous for him hes never flown this long on a plane…

My airplane just pulled up I better go walk hammy before my flight departs in one hour

The Call…

So it was 11/10/2009 at 9:20pm when I received the call from my recruiter that the school wanted me on a plane ASAP. I was hanging out with my favorite BF/GF (mike & vay) couple when Soon called me….I took the call outside when he announced “Hi Monique, the school would like you to be in Korea ASAP….how about tonight!” my response was “ugggghhhh I think the earliest I can leave is Thursday” mind you I haven’t purchased a ticket, and hadn’t fully packed yet because I didn’t know which airline I would be travelling with. In today’s world, the airline companies be on that bull.. With all the baggage limit rules and the weight rules I didn’t want to drop a whole lot of dough on overcharges (straight ludicrous). Once again I told him I will see what I can do..I was not about to break my neck trying to fly out the next day..that is a bit unrealistic especially for international travel…anyways I decided it would be better to tell him what he wanted to hear versus arguing with the man, I knew in my mind I was leaving Thursday.

Thank god I was already out with the homies because we were already on our way to taco Tuesdays, and tequila shots!!!!! I normally can’t take straight shots but this was a celebration BITCHES!!!!! We headed out and we ate like kings, and queens. It was the perfect night to a perfect ending of a new beginning…(did you catch that)

I love my peoples they been with me from the beginning of this process and they have been VERY supportive and encouraging!!!!!

I will miss my outings and meetups with my dear freind Vay shes a wonderful friend to me!

The miss Jessie’s Result

So before I departed I thought it would be a good idea to purchase bed linen, even if the school did provide bed linens for me I don’t believe I would use them…due to hygiene reasons. So my mother and I went to IKEA for bed linens the reason we picked IKEA was because they had a sale on some of their twin comforter sets for $14.99 great deal!!!!!! Since I had my hair twisted up for about 3days now I decided to let the beast out and see what the results looked like!!!!! I love it!! What do you think????

My Mom absolutely loved it when she saw my hair she gave this look and I was worried she hated it but then she told me “I just love how versatile you are with you hair” my dad’s response was the complete opposite he said “your hair looks like trash” LoL I had a good laugh..I said “Dad you don’t like my hair?” he said “No it don’t look good!(in his Jamaican accent) I like when its nice and pressed” I said to my dad in a joking manner “Dad I’m not European, I got that real Nigerian hair…you better love me or leave me alone” lol

Oh wells you can’t please everybody, I can’t wait till my hair grows out from this haircut then it will be more exaggerated with the kinks.

USDA Endorsement

So I figured out the EXACT docs I would need for hammy…let me tell you if your bringing your pet with you make the same kind of arrangments as you would yourself because most countries require certain documentation in order to even have the animal travel on the plane. Google:”pet travel” in order to see what documents the country of your destination requires. Since i’m headed to South Korea they require a health certificate administired by a certified vet… and a Rabies certificate. My vet was able to see hammy the day I called and they examined him and then the vet completed the certifcate(your vet should provide the certifcate) he checked hammy out and everything was A-Ok then I paid $80…

I then drove up to LA(on the same trip as the passport run) and went to La Cienaga Blvd… this is where the nearest USDA is located for me…those of you who dont know, USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. They oversee animals that are imported an exported between the US and your destination country… after 10mins of waiting the gentleman processed my paperwork and then I paid him my $35 and left

aggghhhhh all in a days work!!!!

Miss Jessie Experiment part I

So I already told you guys how I miss jessie my hair once and it didnt turn out so hoTT!!! So now today I experimented again and tried some things differently….Since I have the curly buttercreme the directions encouraged me to blow my hair out for the best elongation~then apply the creme and two strand twist the hair….since my hair– blown out gets pretty straight the two strand twist didnt look so hott.

This time around I applied the buttercreme to my wet hair, then combed it through. I let my hair air dry and then wraped it up…I had to meet a friend for lunch so I put on my cap, left came back and two-strand twisted my hair…much better texture….so far this is the product

…stay tuned for the results after the twist