E-2 VISA issuance code has been granted!!!

a lil bit of errthang 041It’s finally here folks after 6weeks of waiting– my recruiter called me with the news about my visa code being granted!!!! I subtly screamed and let out a “YESSSSSS FINALLY I’M SO HAPPY!!!” we both laughed cuz its been one hell of a process, next he told me he e-mailed me with the number and a list of directions for the next step–which is getting the actually stamp in the passport…

This process has to be done at your nearest Korean Consulate…pray that yours is close, thank the lord I just had to drive up to LA… but still– that’s no hop skip and jump for me, It takes a half-a-tank,(luv my Honda) and 6hrs…there and back. mind you I still have to drive back up there and pick up my passport on Monday–to a lot of people that may sound excessive.. but to me it beats trusting the postal system and the consulate to get this right. For those of you wondering you may mail the visa application, along with your payment, passport, and consulate checklist….however after all that I had been through I felt more secure with me just walking it in there myself…

Of course with my luck I bolt out the house with just me and the money completely left the application and passport photo, I remembered right as I turned out of my street…so I turned around and got the application, I still managed to leave the passport photo at home so… aha there was a passport/photo copy store right across the street, I had to pay $10.98 to get passport photos taken yes I know it was highway robbery with those prices but I had no choice the picture has to accompany the application. So I go and take my picture and guess what I Miss jessie’d my hair and it was under a very cute knitted cap but the gentleman say NO hats…damnit..so I tell him sir you don’t understand I look a mess without this cap (i was looking very erykah badu as my homeboi would say) he said no hat so I took the cap off and I looked a DAMN MESS…oh man it was tragic I looked like a Rastafarian gone bad. my hair hasn’t completely gone kinky.. so just for imaginary purposes my ends were not curling…they were straight and straight not a good look for the two strand twist….my pics came out SO tragic..even the guy was like damn—I felt like crap but what could I do???–so I threw my cap back on styled my hair to how it should have looked, paid the man, told him his prices were highway robbery and stormed outta there…now on my way back to the consulate this dude had the audacity to holla at me..I gave him the side eye cuz he just saw me in the store lookin half crazy…anyway we chopped it up while I waited for the light found out he is going to South Korea as well but what was more crazy is that he had just drove up from Diego too!! Anyways I walked back in there submitted my docs..she then told me to go to the interview room, in there they asked me if all the information I stated was correct, they asked me what I was going to Korea for, they asked which city I was teaching in and then he asked me why I chose South Korea to teach??? Simple as pie… he gave me my pick-up receipt and I was outta there. $4 for parking

BTW just so everyone is clear you may not purchase your ticket let alone enter the country until this process has been completed…unless you go in as an illegal and I DO NOT ADVISE THAT..immigration is cracking down majorly on that


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