Travel Vaccinations


So I have been on hiatus due to there being no REAL big updates on my visa status…however it has leant me LOTS of time, time that I have to tie every single last loose end I have tying me back to this country. Let me tell you the strangest things have occurred to me—it’s like the universe’s last attempts to hold me back…..IT AIN’T HAPPENIN.

Well I scheduled an appointment with my travel vaccine Dr., I knew of her from last year when I went to Africa. Let me tell you potential overseas teachers: DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND IGNORE YOUR SHOTS!!! It’s the most overlooked step of this process but the one you will be happy you did, remember– you’re leaving to go to a NEW country!!! Your body is not acclimated to their countries sicknesses nor is your body accustomed to the new YUMMY food!!!!! For these reasons the vaccine acts as a safeguard to protect you from such diseases and insect bites.

Since I went to Egypt last year I had already started the TWIN rx vaccine which is a double agent of the Hep A & Hep B virus’s very common to catch overseas. So this time around I only needed to get the 2nd installment of the shot….better safe than sorry I will not be returning to the states because I got sick from a kid, the second shot was for typhoid; Typhoid is not common in the US and most US citizens receive this due to travel. Typhoid strikes about 21 million people a year around the world and kills about 200,000.(quoted from the CDC). These two shots were not cheap but my health comes second to none so…..the only vaccine I did not get was the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine WHY??? Because it cost $235-I don’t have that kinda cash right now so we’ll see….I will definitely get this shot probably once I’m settled and been in South Korea for quite some time, this shot is necessary if I will be traveling to Japan and I won’t be immediately so that’s fine.

I have two sore arms but I’m vaccinated and ready to go!!


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