Updates on my progression

black_imagery_gallery_08So today I received an e-mail from my recruiter asking me when I would like to take my winter break. Here are the exact works from the email: “hi Monique,the school wants you to choose your winter break time between the two.
1.Dec 23 to 31st
2. Feb 15 to 28th
please let me know which one.”

So with that being said, it has become a reality for me today that this will be the first Christmas EVER!! That I spend away from my family…..the Dali lama did say this year that “In order to measure your success, you must look at what you had to sacrifice” I knew this would apply to me somehow this year I just didn’t know how big—-GULP

I decided to go with door number two….and even then I don’t think I will be flying back to the states…no Christmas, No valentine–great just great. I’ll probably end up flying to Japan to visit a friend of mine during the Christmas break or maybe Africa WHO the hell knows, I just know this is becoming bigger then my deepest, wildest dreams.


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