You need to have a lot of patience…and I do mean A LOT

my shirt describes my very thoughts.....wanting to see you

my shirt describes my very thoughts.....wanting to see you

I just received a call from my recruiter tonight that I need to resend my contract….I’m fuming— why might one be fuming??? Well…. considering the first package of documents I sent to South Korea cost me $93 and sum change to assure me guaranteed shipment in 3days, then to find out a week later 3 out of the 10 docs needed to be resubmitted because of efficiency. That resubmit cost me $27 and sum change…now tonight I get another phone call from my recruiting telling me that “I must resubmit my contract”—-“ WHAT?!?” I ever-so-lightly-screamed…..well due to the processing of this whole mess taking so long (I’m already supposed to have been at the school) they need to realign the year-to-year contract–meaning the dates need to match from the actual start of my teaching…so another $27 and sum change will be spent to resend my 3 copies of the contract….I swear if they tell me one more thing…..My advice to you would be to call and harass your recruiter to make sure everything is double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked because if not, it could pro-long this whole process another month as it is ringing true to my situation. If you are not using a recruiter, I pray for your sanity in advance…


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