Movie Picks

    So since I have a lot of time to kill I have been biting my time by renting movies from Blockbuster… I hope they don’t go out of bizness they have some classics. Anyways I have a new love affair for foreign movies–although you have to read the subtitles, foreign movies have a very introspective storytelling style, the plots are never predictable and I am sucker for a really good script. The other reason I been watching foreign movies is to get acclimated with language barriers and just plain old not understanding what their saying (this can be scary so if you have never been to another country this could make the transition smoother)

      Here are my top selections of this week

    1. Volver(comedic but dramatic reminded me of destinos)

    2. The Edge of Heaven ( awww man this was a well made movie; two thumbs up, must about 6-degrees of separation)

    3. Le Petite Jerusalem (very good!!!)

      Honorable mentions:

    4. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days(very heavy and deep stuff here, loved it)
    5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (hated the narrator loved the movie. Most of it is in English) Penelope is so feisty
    6. She’s one of Us (horrible, I couldn’t get past the first 10mins)

One thought on “Movie Picks

  1. You may even want to check the local library (their DVDs are FREE!!!!) and also Netflix and Blockbuster offer online rentals and some films you can even watch instantly from your laptop! The turn around time is so fast! And you can watch up to 4 movies at any given time…it’s really cheap too!

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