Hampton must come along TOO!!!

wake me when the visa arrives

wake me when the visa arrives

Its Wednesday, or shall I say Early Thursday…were getting down to the wire and frankly i’m not sleeping much–so ready!!! Anyway I am still awaiting my recruiter’s response on my newly submitted documents, I must scurry behind the scenes and prepare for immediate departure it could be any day now. I found out in order to bring Hampton with me to South Korea and  without surrendering him to quarantine(your dog can die in quaranine-no lies) I must have 2 certificates signed off on by the USDA vets(1. health certificate and 2.a rabies certificate)-go figure there are only two in CALI (Sacramento & LA) since Hampton is more than up to date on his shots- this ain’t no thang….jus time, money, and the opportunity to kick in it with my homegurl before I leave. The LA office is only open M-F and they only stamp certificates between the hours of 8am-11am; so research your local USDA vet for more details on your situation.

I cant lie i’m very nervous about bringing Hampton with me to another country, i’m not nervous about the plane ride or the new surroundings(hammys like me, hes a G and he can adapt/adept to his surroundings) i’m nervous for when i want to take a quick weekender to Hong Kong or Japan…i hear there are dog sitting groups, and people out there with meetups. But I do NOT, i repeat I do NOT allow hammy to stay with just anybody. I have had him for 3years and he has only stayed with my immediate family or my 2best friends(I was still very leery).


Today I also dealt with closing down banks accounts, I am so DONE with banks, I belong to a credit union now!!!!!! Completely differtent in the way they approach YOU as a customer versus the flipside of a BANK(accesibility) YESSSSS i’m a member -hahahah. I completely recommend you opening one if that is at all possible for you, this is important for those that have concerns about how you will manage your money and finances while overseas….stay tuned.


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