Anticipating my Depature…this is very nerve wracking !!!

So I’m finally getting over the frustration/Drama that went down on what seemed to be a good Friday.

At 9:30a.m. I was awakened by my phone ringing, this call was in regards to my banking situation which I will get into later on—for now lets stick to the DRAMA. After I concluded my conversation with the Banks something told me to check my email…duh-duh-duuuuuuhhhhhh I received an email from my beloved recruiter Soon, BTW I like Soon hes cool peoples, hes a man of his word and that means a lot in this bizness especially if you decide to follow my path…anyways the email was entitled: Monique-docs arrived but…….my heart instantly stopped(I traced my brain to think what I could have possibly screwed up…I then thought i don’t like buts unless we talken about bootys and that’s not what we talken about) enclosed was this email; “hi Monique, 1. crc – it has to be statewide, but yours is county wide, therefore, you need to do it again from California Police Department2. TESL certificate – it has to show how many hour long (100 hour long – minimum)3. passport type photo – has to be colored.
can you gather these ones again?”

I know your thinking to yourselves whats the big deal Monique just resend the stuff and be on your merry way……oh but its not so easy. I had just finished spending $93.28 to express deliver this package to South Korea so that it would arrive by the end of the week so I, Monique could be sitting pretty on a plane by OCT 19th( this is my pops birthday) with her E-2 visa……Soon my recruiter is a savior because all I wanted to do was cuss his ass out for giving me the wrong info(be sure your recruiter never rushes you into getting the E-2 visa this is your golden ticket to working abroad carefree, make sure its done!!! and done right!!! they are cracking down harder and harder on illegal teachers)

Long story short I had to come out the pocket another $110 reason being

1. I had to get another CRC(criminal record check) redone because the state of California does not issue out a “STATEWIDE” crc. Only county (cali’s too gotdamn big and were broke) this crc was published in the state of Washington(yes I’m aware I’m not from there but since theirs are statewide its valid…..with S.Korean govt its all about the wording not the context….already learning) Soon my recruiter….he’s a ‘G’ at what he does……. he already had a backup plan of how to get this done without waisting MORE time, yes MORE money but NO on the time– remember that as well (i swear hes like brotha man from Martin, always gotta connect, always gotta be on his grizzly)

2. I had to re-print out 2 Color passport size photos( i used black and white, that’s what was recommended to me but apparently the school wanted color) that was easy…word to the wise ‘use photos of you that show some personality….no mug shot type photos’—Koreans are very into looks so ladies use photos where light make-up has been applied, or fresh faced as I like to call it and gentleman more of the GQ/modelesque look….for some schools these are the only photos they have to base their decisions on so make it a lasting impression(say cheeese 🙂

3. I immediately drove to the school where i was TESOL certified (loved this fucken class it was the shyt) before i drove there i pre-warned Christina what had went down earlier in regards to the e-mail, she calmed me down and said she could reprint my TESOL transcript at no cost. This was important because this was the form that had stated I had spent 120hours being certified–she also typed a personal letter of reference pertaining to the validity of the hours….i f-in luv Christina too she has been the shyt throughout this whole experience BTW i met Christina because we both were taking the TESOL training class but she ended up becoming a director for the school so she has definitely spoiled me!!!!!!!

phhhhhhhhhewwwww after all that it was 4:15p.m when I walked to the US post office to drop off my package once again the package was departing to S.Korea, only this time i sent it regular express so the package will be there by Oct. the 14th fine by me—it only cost me $27 and sum change…..I’m broke

now I’m off to sell my 2004 Honda Accord—-ahhhh it never ends stay tuned


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